West Virginia Should Not Give Neal Brown an Extension or Raise

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Yes, Neal Brown could be in line for a raise and extension again after the West Virginia Mountaineers finished 9-4 with a bowl win over North Carolina.

On yesterday’s Sunday Sportsline, it was revealed that West Virginia University and head football coach Neal Brown are “potentially, potentially” in renegotiation talks concerning Brown’s contract with the university.

“There will be some news on Neal Brown’s contract soon. There is word leaking out from sources within MetroNews from the highest of levels that think there are renegotiations going on and that there could be an announcement during the week as to what that new contract could look like. The details are completely unknown, but it’s something to keep an eye on moving forward.”

The hosts went on to say, “If you are a ‘Trust the Climber’, that’s good news. If you are a ‘Climber Denier’, that is going to raise some eyebrows. You have to take a step back because you can’t allow…I mean, Neal Brown can’t go out and recruit unless there is some committment. That doesn’t mean that Neal Brown’s job is safe if the team goes off a cliff next year, but the devil is always in the details. The coach can have a 20 year contract, but if the buyout is minimal, then that’s a different story. You saw the Kansas head coach (Lance Leipold) receive a raise recently and is making $7 million a year, so the market value for Power 5, Big 12 Conference head coaches is going up.”

West Virginia cannot give Neal Brown an extension after leading the football program to the worst 5 year span in over four decades. Brown is 31-29 overall and has only had one acceptable season in Morgantown. With that said, it’s likely that Brown will receive a slight raise, perhaps an extension, but his buyout will be restructured so that it’s easier for the university to fire him if the team underperforms.

With that said, it’s time for West Virginia to play hardball with Neal Brown. Don’t give him an extension. Don’t give him a raise. If he wants to leave because he’s unhappy about it, let him go and see if he can find a better job.

The reality is that Neal Brown has zero leverage in his negotiations. No other team in the country will play him $4 million a year to lead their program, and he’s very lucky to even have a job at all. Don’t negotiate with Neal Brown, West Virginia University. Put him in his place and remind him that he’s making $4 million a year more than he should right now.