A Case for Jimbo Fisher

Well, we have reached the next coach on our top-5 list of potential replacements for Neal Brown. For our next contestant on “for the love of God, please get this next hire right,” we are reaching down deep in the heart of SEC country. A West Virginia native, the next individual on this list has proven that he can win at the highest level possible in College Football.

This coach is none other than Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher.

Fisher, who has spent time at Florida State, has accumulated a 120-42 record over the course of his career. He also has a national championship under his belt, and has won eight of the ten bowl games that he has coached in. Though things haven’t went as well as hoped this season at A&M, the down season certainly doesn’t dampen the potential that Fisher brings with him.


Many will say that there is simply no way that Fisher would leave A&M for the Mountaineers. Despite your assumptions, I will pull a Lee Corso card on you and say “not so fast my friend.”

Fisher was asked earlier this season if he would ever consider the move to Morgantown, and while he didn’t jump to say yes, he also didn’t deny the possibility.


“You don’t ever say never in this business. Home is home. I love where I’m at but home is home.”

If you’re asking me, this sounds like someone who knows in their heart that they want to return home someday. They want to be back within these mountains in the Old Gold & Blue.

The case for Fisher doesn’t rely on his resume alone, but his understanding of what Mountaineer Football means to the state. He grew up around it, he knows the Mountain State, and he loves this little piece of Almost Heaven.

You won’t find a better fit for this job than Jimbo Fisher.