A WVU Wish List for the Next NCAA Football Game

(Photo via EA Sports)

If you were like me, you absolutely loved the NCAA Football video game series. When it was officially announced that the game was getting a reboot, words couldn’t describe the joy that filled my heart.

However, though I loved the game dearly, the last edition left me wanting more, and even gave me a bone to pick with EA. There were some decisions that I didn’t agree with, particularly with their handling of WVU.

Here is my WVU wishlist for the next College Football video game, and things that I hope they fix. The game is said to have a 2022 release date.


  • Uniforms: EA Sports absolutely dropped the ball on WVU’s uniforms in NCAA Football 14. Not only did they not include the updated threads that season, but they even messed up the old ones. They gave the blue helmets a grey face mask (which should’ve been blue), and the grey uniforms looked horrendous. In the next game, I’d like to see West Virginia’s uniforms done perfectly. I want each option available, and I want the numbers placed correctly. No random numbers in odd places on the uniforms this time. What the hell was that, EA?
  • Legitimate Entrances: The entrances on the old game were pretty much generic for everyone. This go around, I want it to be almost exact. I want to be able to hear the announcer yell “let’s bring on the Mountaineers” as WVU takes the field. Also, make sure they enter the field from the correct location. Let’s make this happen.
  • Country Roads: This one will take some help from licensing of the song, but how awesome would it be to see the players and crowd sing Country Roads after a victory? This wish is likely a little too far-fetched for reality, but a fella can dream.
  • Put Real-Life Coaches in the Game: Again, I’m not sure this one will happen, but imagine being able to lead WVU with Neal Brown, and not a random character out in the game. Pretty damn awesome, right?
  • Let the Mountaineer Fire His Musket: This feature would make the new game perfect. After scoring a touchdown, the camera pans over to the Mountaineer, who then fires his musket. I may actually shed tears of joy if this comes to fruition.