ACC or Bust for West Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia – Since Texas and Oklahoma announced that they will leave the Big 12 Conference for the SEC, there has been mass speculation of what West Virginia and the remaining eight teams in the Big 12 will do.

Many have theorized that West Virginia should do anything and everything to end up in the ACC.  The ACC makes sense geographically and a move there would reunite the Mountaineers with former Big East rivals (Pitt, Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Syracuse), but recent developments suggest that the ACC – like the Big 12 – is a sinking ship that West Virginia should avoid at all costs.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Clemson and Florida State – the ACC’s two powerhouse programs – have reached out to the SEC in hopes of joining the conference with Texas and Oklahoma.

Even if Clemson and Florida State both bolt for the SEC, the ACC is a far better option than the current Big 12 Conference.

In fact, the ACC would probably be better for West Virginia without Clemson and Florida State.  West Virginia becomes an even more valuable piece of the puzzle for the conference with two heavy-hitters like Clemson and Florida State gone, and the ACC is still outstanding in both football and basketball without their two marquee names in the conference.

The bottom line is that the ACC needs West Virginia now more than ever!  With all of the uncertainty surrounding conference realignment, it would behoove them to scoop up as many schools as possible, and West Virginia is likely considered one of the most valuable of the “free agents” in college sports today.

Despite Clemson and Florida State attempting to leave the ACC, it is the absolute perfect spot for the West Virginia Mountaineers now and in the future.