Dabo Swinney has been under fire since a video of him making insensitive remarks on racial issues in 2016 resurfaced on Twitter over the weekend. Bryce Langston, a 4-star defensive end from Florida, first voiced his displeasure with the coach’s comments. That same day, an Alabama commit also shared his opinion on the matter.


Timothy Smith, a 5-star defensive tackle from Florida who is set to join the Alabama Crimson Tide, would caption the Video of Dabo, and would share some strong words, “I’m glad I made the correct decision!”

He was also offered by Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers. His comments portray the idea that Smith has come to the realization that his ideologies would not have mixed well with those in charge at Clemson. One could only assume this may hurt recruiting for Dabo in the near future.

Will there be more fallout from the video? It’s almost certain. We should only expect more players to speak out in the coming days.