With Kerry Martin Jr. beginning the movement for change within the Mountaineer Football program, several players have came out in support. Mountaineers in each sport have reached out to take their stance behind Martin, but the most alarming was former running back Martell Pettaway citing the culture as a reason he transferred. Many have began to question if the culture of the program is improving under Neal Brown, or if his attempt to completely revamp the atmosphere around the team has failed.

All of this speculation should be put to rest when reflecting on a tweet sent out by WVU sophomore wide receiver Ali Jennings:


Jennings said, “We as a team, we as a program, we as the state of West Virginia will get through this,” indicating his confidence that all of the right moves are being made to bring forth change. Jennings would show support of the program under Neal Brown moving forward, “we are building something great here under our leader Neal Brown.” He would go on to thank the coach, and WVU athletic director Shane Lyons.

This tweet should eliminate any and all questions fans may have about the culture surrounding the program. Never once has a player had any negative comments regarding the Mountaineers’ head man, and many of the players likely feel the same as Jennings.

This situation is far from resolved, but we #TrustTheClimb, and we trust Neal Brown.

Put your minds at ease Mountaineer Nation, our culture and program are fine.