AMAZING Original Song “Transplanted Mountaineers”

Singer/songwriter Jon Harvey moved from Boone County, West Virginia back in 2013.  He decided to get out of the coal mines and moved to the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

For the past 6 and 1/2 years, Harvey has dealt with a lot of teasing from people when they hear where he’s from.  Although he says that he’s pretty immune to the jokes at this point, he still loves the state he’s from and will defend it.

When he wore a WVU hat to a construction site, a coworker approached him and said, “Western Virginia, huh?  Is your sister a good kisser?”  Harvey replied, “It’s West Virginia, not Western Virginia.”  The wisecracking coworker countered by saying, “You know the toothbrush was invented up there, right?  Because if it would’ve been anywhere else, it would have been called a ‘teethbrush.'”  Harvey smiled and went about his business.

However, on the way home, Harvey wrote the following beautiful song in his head in about 30 minutes.  Harvey said he got his guitar out later that night and put the words to music and melody.  Harvey’s family, after hearing the song, said that he should copyright it and post it on social media so that the world could hear it.

I’m proud to present to you “Transplanted Mountaineers” by Jon Harvey:

To all native West Virginians living outside of Almost Heaven, this song is for you!

Posted by Jon Harvey on Sunday, April 26, 2020


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