Analyst: “What is West Virginia Waiting For?”

Morgantown, West Virginia – The West Virginia Mountaineers (3-5, 1-4) have once again failed to live up to or meet expectations this season and it appears that things will only continue to get worse in Morgantown.

Chinmay Vaidya of DraftKings Nation recently published an article that asked, “What is West Virginia waiting for?” in regards to firing and move on from Neal Brown.

Vaidya had the following to say about Brown: “The tenor of this season could easily be different in Morgantown if the Backyard Brawl ends differently. Brown has been to bowl games in back-to-back seasons but this was the year the spike was supposed to happen. It hasn’t, and now the Mountaineers are once again in a fight to simply get back to a bowl. West Virginia won’t have to compete with the powerhouse programs for a coach like it would have had to do last offseason. It’s time to make a switch.”

In his 4th season, Brown’s team has show little to no progress on the field, the team is not competitive in the Big 12 Conference, they will almost certainly not make a bowl game this season, and one has to wonder what Shane Lyons is waiting for in terms of replacing the head coach of the team. While other schools in the conference and around the country have fired coaches with similar resumes, Lyons continues to support Brown.

Have expectations decreased in Morgantown or is Lyons simply too afraid to admit that the way that he’s handled Brown’s contract extension and buyout has been an extraordinary failure on his part?