Anonymous Former Player Speaks to The Voice of Motown

Morgantown, West Virginia – The West Virginia Mountaineers football program has lost a tremendous amount of players to the transfer portal over the past two seasons. Many people in the state of West Virginia and supporters of the football team have expressed genuine concern about the future of the program.

To get some answers about why players are leaving in such large numbers, The Voice of Motown reached out to a player who has been in the program for multiple years and who recently left the team.  To be completely transparent, we assured this player that he would remain anonymous and we did pay him for his time and information.

The question that we asked him was simple: Why are so many players leaving the West Virginia football program?  

Here’s his answer:

“I love this state. I love everything about WVU. The coaches on this coaching staff work their asses off. As for the other guys who have transferred, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s NIL deals, but I can’t speak on their behalf. My situation was unique, but in my opinion there needs to be a funding system. Like Toothman Ford, there are other businesses just as big as them who could be doing the same thing.

It’s hard to compete with SEC money, but in the new college football, the players that can get paid and help their families are going to do that. I don’t think it’s a coaching staff problem. I have seen these coaches work hard day in and day out, and they care just as much as us, but it’s a tough situation as a player. I have the utmost respect for this staff and never want to disrespect this wonderful state.”

It’s clear from this individual’s experience that Neal Brown and his coaching staff are doing everything possible to make the West Virginia football program great again. However, it also exposes the difficulties and challenges the team faces moving forward.