Austin Kendall Is Not The Answer

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”  Einstein would think that West Virginia Head Coach Neal Brown is crazy.

Brown, who promised new wrinkles to his struggling offense, continues to run the very same plays over and over again that have been unsuccessful all year long.  When the offense runs the Zone Read, does anyone actually expect positive yards?  Does Brown?  

Austin Kendall has been a true warrior behind a poor offensive line and with few weapons surrounding him, but Brown’s stubborn decision to not make a change at quarterback is losing games for the Mountaineers.

Kendall had a couple of drops in the first half, but he also simply made poor throws on every other incomplete pass.  If we know anything about Austin Kendall at this point, we know that he is not a consistent passer downfield and he adds nothing to the Zone Read offense that Brown continues to use.  Kendall overthrows most of his throws and is simply not consistent on screens, on mid-level passes and is flat-out awful on throws downfield.

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Brown must not have any other option!  But wait…

Jarret Doege, who was in the top 50 nationally in completion percentage, completions per game, passing touchdowns, passing yards last season at Bowling Green, has proven in actual collegiate experience to be an incredibly effective downfield passer.  Remember, Doege can play four games this season without losing future eligibility and will still have two seasons remaining to play for the Mountaineers.

The defense has played their collective heart out in the first half and West Virginia can pull off a massive upset with a quarterback in that can consistent get it to the Mountaineers’ playmakers.  Play Jarett Doege and play him now!