Austin Kendall’s Most Embarrassing Moment at OU Wasn’t On the Field

Austin Kendall has become sort of a polarizing figure in the state of West Virginia since transferring to the Mountaineers from Oklahoma. Some love him, some hate him, some think he’s terrible, and others think he has a legitimate shot to regain his starting position. Today, however, we will not be discussing anything he has done or accomplished at WVU.

Instead we will be taking a look back at his most embarrassing moment with the Sooners — and it didn’t come on the field.

Prior to the Sooners and Ohio State Buckeyes meeting on the field in 2016, Kendall had the opportunity to speak with the media about the game. When asked about the Buckeyes’ defense, Kendall wouldn’t answer with the most praise towards the unit. Actually, he insulted them.


Kendall would state that Ohio State ran a “basic” defense, and that former Sooner quarterback Baker Mayfield would “light them up.” Well, anyone who watched that game remembers that wouldn’t turn out to be the case.


Ohio State would thump the Sooners 45-24, and Baker Mayfield would be held to a quiet 226 passing yards, and would throw two touchdowns and two interceptions. Not exactly “lighting them up,” Austin.


Former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops would “light Kendall up” in a press conference following the game. Stoops would call the comments made by Kendall “ridiculous,” and would even go as far to question whether or not the former 4-star had even watched any tape prior to the game.


Kendall is a Mountaineer, and we should all love him for it, but we all have moments like this where we more or less put our own foot in our mouth.

It happens, Austin.