Award-Winning Sportswriter Believes Huggins Will Be Next Selected Into the Hall of Fame

(Photo by West Virginia University) 


The fact that Bob Huggins is not in the Basketball Hall of Fame yet should be a crime in itself. Nonetheless, it is where we are at this point in time, and Huggins, who is pushing 70-years old, still awaits his name to be called.

Dick Weiss, an award-winning sportswriter who covered college athletics for over four decades, came out today and stated that he believes Huggins will be in the next round of individuals selected to the hall.

To go along with Huggins, he included Gonzaga’s Mark Few in the tweet, who has also been neglected a Hall of Fame induction so far.

Huggins will be in the Hall of Fame eventually. It is not so much a matter of if, but rather when. If renowned individuals like Weiss are calling for him to finally be inducted, then it is obviously past time for it to happen.