Awesome WV Kid Asks for YouTube Likes. Do your thing West Virginia.

Jakobi Dye from Grafton, WV is as tough as they come. He has been battling infintile scoliosis among other issues. I can’t do him justice with my words, so here is a post from his mom:

“Around 5 1/2 months we took Jakobi to the Pediatrician for a monthly check up, but was concerned with his back protruding to one side we he was sitting. After multiple X-rays and 4 MRI scans we were told that Jakobi had a 58 degree curve and had Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis. At 16 months we began casting to try and correct Jakobi’s spine instead of considering surgery at a young age. Jakobi was treated for cast 1-4 at a local hospital, but after no change we have started our journey at Shriners in Greenville! Jakobi has underwent 23 casts and 2 braces and now with his spine measuring around 90 degrees he will going through Halo traction before getting his growing rods. Here is a look at our infantile scoliosis warrior! Jakobi also has hypotonia, feeding issues, and a development delay in speech.”

Well, Superhero Jakobi has just posted his first YouTube video. He told his dad he wanted 10,000 likes. Put a smile on your face by watching this video. And, put a smile on his by giving it a thumbs up!

Watch on YouTube:

To read more of Jakobi’s Journey, here is his facebook page: