On Monday afternoon, the Marshall University Barstool Twitter account sent out a quite disturbing tweet. With the recent uproar between the United States and Iran, the general fear of many is that there will potential repercussions that could result in attacks on American soil. While there have been many jokes about the situation on Twitter, there may have not been a more sickening one than what Mountaineer fans had to witness today.

The individuals who run the Marshall Barstool account took it upon themselves to propose an attack on none other than Milan Puskar Stadium. The tweet suggested that the seating chart map for Mountaineer Field was the United States, with the caption reading “Dear Iran, here’s a map of the US.” While this may have simply been an attempt for the account to receive many laughs, likes, and retweets, it should ultimately go down as a threat to the 60,000 fans that pack the stadium.

Marshall has finally taken their rivalry with the Mountaineers too far. The jealousy that the program feels towards the flagship program of West Virginia has resulted in an absolutely disgusting display of hatred. While sports rivalries do come with fun conversations and occasionally hostile back-and-forth between fans, to call for an attack on a certain fanbase is absolutely repugnant. The Marshall University Barstool Twitter account should ultimately be shut down, without the possibility of the account being reactivated. Little brother has finally crossed the line, and it should absolutely be a reflection on the pure hatred felt towards Mountaineers throughout their fanbase.