Barstool Sports: “Neal Brown Isn’t on the Hot Seat. He’s Just Waiting to be Fired.”

Brandon Walker of Unnecessary Roughness on Barstool Sports discussed West Virginia chances this season under head coach Neal Brown, who he believes should have been fired last season.  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — The West Virginia Mountaineers enter the 2023 season with almost no expectations. No one expects them to succeed in the national media and even the weak-minded local media isn’t painting an optimistic picture for the upcoming season.

Brandon Walker, who refers to himself as “The King of College Football” and “The Heart and Soul of Barstool Sports”, hosts a show called “Unnecessary Roughness.” On the podcast, Walker gave his thoughts on the current state of West Virginia football and its head coach, Neal Brown.

“This team has a rude awakening coming this year. This team has no expectations. It’s a team that made a mistake. This team last year should have fired their coach and they didn’t. And they decided to run through it one more time. And they are going to be God awful this year.

The West Virginia Mountaineers should have fired Neal Brown. The second he went out like a coward against Pitt, when he punted on 4th and 1 and basically gave up, I knew immediately that nope, he’s not your guy. He can’t get you to the next level. I don’t know if he’s even on the hot seat. He’s just waiting to get fired. And they are going to be a special brand of awful this year. This Big 12 is super competitive and there’s not really an easy game in the Big 12, in my opinion, and I think West Virginia is going to be as bad of a football team as they can be in that conference.”

Check out the full clip below:

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Brad Smith
Brad Smith, "The Voice of Morgantown", is the most trusted, accomplished name in West Virginia sports journalism. Smith is the foremost, preeminent authority on West Virginia athletics and a lifelong fan of the Mountaineers. Smith, a proud graduate of West Virginia University, resides in Morgantown most of the year, but has a home in Jacksonville, Florida, where he lives during the winter.