Barstool Sports’ “Storm Chasers” to Crash WVU Game Today

The group known as “The Storm Chasers” will be in attendance at the WVU Coliseum for the West Virginia versus Baylor today.

The Storm Chasers work for Barstool Sports and their basic premise is that they wear rain gear into arenas throughout the country, “chasing storms.”  Basically, they cause chaos in the crowd and then rush the court before being removed by security and then arrested to the delight and applause of the crowd.

Take a look at their hijinx below:

Last week, they were in Connecticut for a UCONN game and of course they were arrested for their actions at the game:

After being arrested in Connecticut, they announced on their Twitter account that they were headed to Morgantown, WV:

Moments ago, the boys announced their arrival into our great state and they will be in attendance for today’s game against Baylor.  Expect chaos in the crowd, the Storm Chasers to storm the court and their eventual arrests at the hands of game security.