Behind the Scenes of Darius Stills’ Decision to Stay Home

As it turns out, Darius Stills’ decision on whether he would declare for the National Football League or return to West Virginia University for his Senior season was much ado about nothing.

In an interview on the outstanding Podcast “Got Your Eers On?”, Stills opened up about his decision to stay home and play alongside his brother for one more season.

The full interview can be found at the following links:



Although Stills briefly flirted with the idea of leaving early for the NFL, ultimately he knew that it was in his best interest to stay for one more season.  In addition, his love of the state and the opportunity to play with his brother Dante for another year was too much to pass up on.

Excerpt from the Interview:  

“When I tweeted that Tweet out (“What to do…what to do…”), it had nothing to do about football.  “What to do, what to do” was about what to do with my day because we didn’t have football and we didn’t make a bowl game, so I didn’t know what to do with my life.  And then like, 20 minutes later, people we’re saying, ‘You’re declaring (for the NFL Draft)?’  I didn’t know what was going on, to be honest, and then all of these articles came out saying I was thinking about declaring, but…and I did think about it a little bit, but ultimately I knew if I stayed another year I would develop more and go higher in the draft.”

Stills, an all Big 12 first team defense selection, had a great conversation with the “Got Your Eers?” guys and the entire interview can be found here:–Recreation-Podcasts/Got-Your-Eers-On-p1272826/

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