Believe it or Not, Jarret Doege Will Be Back Next Year

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Morgantown, West Virginia – Yes, Jarret Doege will be back with the West Virginia Mountaineers next season.

Doege, a redshirt senior, played two full seasons at Bowling Green as a freshman and sophomore, then transferred to West Virginia in 2019 when Neal Brown took the job.  Doege sat out most of the season, taking over for Austin Kendall with only four games left.  Under NCAA rules, Doege was able to play four games and still be redshirted, so that season didn’t count for him.  He then played a full season as the starter last season, but that season didn’t count for anyone due to COVID.

This is the first season that will actually count towards Doege’s eligibility since arriving in Morgantown, giving him another season remaining with the Mountaineers.  Unbelievably, he’s likely to return.

What other options does Doege have?

Transfer to a Power 5 program that is just dying for a Jarret Doege to come in and save their program?  Nope.

Quit football entirely with another year of eligibility remaining?  Not likely.

Return for one more ride with a head coach (Neal Brown) that thinks he can do no wrong?  Bingo.

This, of course, would be the worst possible option for the West Virginia Mountaineers and their future.  The Mountaineers return two very quality young quarterbacks in Garrett Greene and Will “Goose” Crowder, and four star stud Nicco Marchiol arrives on campus next season.

Imagine being Greene, Crowder and Marchiol watching Doege’s mishaps from the sidelines for another season.  Unfortunately, something is going to have to give.  Either Garrett Greene or Goose Crowder will likely transfer, but there will still be a tremendous logjam at the quarterback position.

We’ve all seen enough of Jarret Doege to last a lifetime.  We appreciate the fact that he worked on his mobility in the pocket and lost all that weight in the offseason, but…we’re good.  We’re ready for for a new era in West Virginia football and that era just doesn’t include Jarret Doege in it.

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