Best Virginia Dominates Exhibition

Morgantown, West Virginia – Best Virginia, the alumni team featuring former West Virginia Mountaineers, dominated the Southern WV Elite tonight in their first exhibition of this year.

Sagaba Konate had 18 points and Kevin Jones added 14 points for Best Virginia.

Best Virginia was up 115-63 late in the 4th quarter but allowed Southern WV Elite a chance by giving them a 119-115 lead and making it an Elam Ending with the target score being 127.  The final score was 127-122 with Best Virginia’s Nathan Adrian getting the final basket of the game.

The Basketball Tournament, the single-elimination tournament that Best Virginia will play in this summer, also uses the Elam Ending at the end of each game.

Best Virginia will be back in action for another exhibition game in two days on July 9th.  They will begin TBT competition in Charleston, West Virginia on July 17th.