Big 12 Basketball Coaches “In Favor” of Adding Big East School

Big 12 basketball coaches are reportedly in on adding the men’s basketball national champion to the league.


Mansfield, CT – With the Big 12 looking to expand, several schools have been mentioned as potential new additions. While Arizona and Colorado are expected to join the league at some point, one northeastern school has become a hot commodity, especially among basketball coaches.

According to Brett McMurphy of Action Network, the basketball coaches of the Big 12 are “in favor” of adding the University of Connecticut to the conference.


UConn, who won the 2022-23 Men’s Basketball Championship, would be a member in all-sports should they be added

Talks are expected to continue between Connecticut and the Big 12 in the coming days. Nothing is set in stone, but it is becoming more and more evident that the Mountaineers could have more conference opponents in the near future.

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Clark Johnson
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