Big 12 Considers Offering Texas and Oklahoma More Money to Stay

Morgantown, West Virginia – In a desperate move by the Big 12 Conference to attempt to prevent the loss of Texas and Oklahoma, conference administrators have reportedly considered offering the two schools more money to stay.

According to CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd, Texas and Oklahoma would receive additional revenue shares as an enticement to stay in the Big 12 and not leave for the SEC.

Dodd’s article went into the particulars of the potential deal: “This would grant the Longhorns and Sooners an additional half-share annually (1.5 shares each), bumping their payouts to approximately $56 million per year. The other eight schools would decrease their payouts accordingly. Big 12 schools currently average $37 million in annual TV rights earnings, including revenue from bowl games and the NCAA Tournament.”

While it’s unlikely that Texas and Oklahoma will agree to these terms and remain in the Big 12, it would almost certainly upset the other eight teams in the conference.

The Big 12 Conference is obviously so distraught over the inevitable loss of its two powerhouse programs that it will resort to such desperate last minute measures.

Texas and Oklahoma are expected to inform the Big 12 of their intent to leave the conference as early as Monday.