Big 12, Fire This Official IMMEDIATELY

(Photo by ESPN)

Enough is enough. For the last nine seasons, WVU has continuously been “screwed over” by the horrendous Big 12 officiating crews. Today, however, was the last straw.


Not only did this referee fail to do his job, but he directly impacted the result of the game. The Texas defensive back was clearly interfering with Ali Jennings in the end zone on the Mountaineers’ final play of the game. Even someone who is completely football ignorant would have thrown the flag, but no – not this official who obviously had hopes of the Longhorns winning the game.

Big 12, The Voice of Motown is officially calling for the review, and possible termination of this official’s contract. He is clearly incompetent, and cannot perform his job to the best of his ability. As in any job, when that is the case, you lose your job. This situation should be no different.

WVU deserves better, and the rest of the Big 12 deserves better and more fair officiating. This is beyond absurd, and Neal Brown should be making a phone call to Big 12 Headquarters on Monday morning.