Big 12 Officials Met with Texas and Oklahoma Today

Morgantown, West Virginia – According to multiple reports over the past several days, Texas and Oklahoma intend to leave the Big 12 Conference and go to the SEC Conference.

As reported by Brett McMurphy, “The meeting was cordial, and the Executive Committee expressed a willingness to discuss proposals that would strengthen the Conference and be mutually beneficial to Oklahoma and Texas, as well as the other institutions of the Conference,” Big 12 Commissioner Bill Bowlsby said.

“I expect that we will continue our conversations in the days ahead and we look forward to discussing thoughts, ideas and concepts that may be shared interested and impact.”

Before the meeting, it was thought that Oklahoma and Texas would inform the Big 12 Conference as early as tomorrow that they would leave the conference for the SEC.  However, the Big 12 – knowing that it will likely dissolve without the two teams – are desperately attempting to keep their two powerhouse programs.