Black Lives Matter on Coliseum Court

Morgantown, West Virginia – The National Basketball Association (NBA) added “Black Lives Matter” on the playing court in large, glossy lettering in Orlando.  The NBA has been very supportive of racial equality and is taking measures to do their part of end discrimination.

West Virginia University has also been sensitive to today’s cultural climate and have allowed its football players to wear “BLM” stickers on their helmets, in addition to putting “UNITY” on the back of every helmet.

A large percentage of West Virginia’s basketball roster is black and it’s important to be understanding and sympathetic of their thoughts, feelings and opinions.  Several Mountaineer players have participated in marches throughout Morgantown during the past couple of months and they clearly support the movement.

While many West Virginia fans do not agree with the Black Lives Matter’s actions and have threatened to no longer buy tickets or merchandise if the university continues to back them, WVU has clearly taken the stand that they will stand behind its athletes, regardless of whether the fans like it or not.

Although some fans will say that they won’t support the team with Black Lives Matter on the Coliseum court, ultimately this year’s team will compete for a national championship and winning cures all.  If the Mountaineers are winning – and they will win this season – the fans will be in the stands.

There are a lot of changes coming to the Coliseum this season – a new scoreboard, new seats and perhaps “Blacks Lives Matter” or “UNITY” on the court.  Real fans will support this incredible team no matter what they have on their uniforms or on the Coliseum court.