Bob Huggins Appears on the Pat McAfee Show

Morgantown, West Virginia – Bob Huggins appeared on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ today and they covered a wide array of topics.

McAfee asked Huggins about the loss to Oklahoma State on Saturday, and Huggins was clearly still very upset about it.  “We were awful on Saturday and there’s no other way to put it . So I gave them 2 days off, we’re going to look at  some film and practice tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll go out and play with all the energy we saved up from not playing on Saturday.”

McAfee also discussed the challenges of recruiting during the pandemic.  Huggins replied, “They can’t come and see the campus, which I think is terrible.  Who wants to go to a school that they’ve never been to?”

McAfee, a former punter for the West Virginia football team, is an avid supporter of Huggins and the basketball program, and he believes that the Mountaineers can win the national championship this season.

Huggins told McAfee what he would do if the Mountaineers were to win it all, saying, “I want to take a bus and drive all over the state, and let every touch it and feel it and experience it up close.”

In addition, Huggins said he takes losing games really hard because he feels like he lets the entire state of West Virginia down when the Mountaineers don’t play well.  “When we lose, I feel really, really bad.  I feel like we let the people of the state down.”

Great interview!  Listen to the full interview on Pat’s YouTube channel here: