Bob Huggins’ Frustration Reaches a New Level

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following West Virginia’s embarrassing 59-72 loss at Oklahoma, Bob Huggins was officially fed-up. Huggins has sounded frustrated in the past after a loss, but tonight, his frustration was at another level.

Huggins, who sat with his hands on top of his head as he stared up at the ceiling, said the following: “I’m embarrassed. I wear this WV with pride and I’m embarrassed for the people that follow and support this team.

I can’t do this. I can’t do this to the people in West Virginia. We’ve got guys that don’t listen, don’t care. It’s frustrating when guys don’t listen and learn. You’ll see a couple of guys who aren’t suited up for the game this weekend.

I have to do what I say or I lose credibility and I need credibility to build this team for next year.

We don’t compete. We don’t have competitive guys. We don’t have guys that like to compete. At the end of the day, it’s my fault. I signed off on these guys.”