Bob Huggins Makes First Public Appearance Since Retirement

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — In his first public appearance since his unfortunate DUI arrest in Pittsburgh and his (forced) resignation as the head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers, Bob Huggins spoke out and seemed to have major regrets about how the end of his career played out.

One person yelled out, “You are West Virginia, Bob!” Huggins replied, “I appreciate that. I need to be able to get a little bit better for West Virginia at times.’’

Huggins continued: “I’ve made mistakes in my life, I think. Probably most people have. I’ve probably made more than my share at times. But I love West Virginia. I’ve got roots here. I was born in Morgantown.

That’s the thing that probably held us together as a team. We had a core of West Virginia guys that loved West Virginia so much. That’s a thing I’ve tried to talk to our guys about is the fact that this state loves you, and we owe it. God willing, we’ll get this thing turned around, and we’ll go back and play a few more Final Fours.’’

Huggins didn’t touch on his pending lawsuit against West Virginia University or if he still planned to coach again, but it’s evident that he still feels like he’s a major part of West Virginia basketball and intends to remain so.