Bob Huggins’ Next Move

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — This past summer, West Virginia’s legendary former head coach Bob Huggins was arrested in Pittsburgh on a charge of driving under the influence after taking a breath test that showed Huggins’ blood alcohol content to be 0.21%, which is more than twice the legal limit of 0.08% in Pennsylvania.

I have been told by people close to him that Huggins wants to return to coach, and that several programs have reached out to him with interest. I find that hard to believe. Not only did Huggins embarrass himself on the streets of Pittsburgh, he also made an unforgivable comment on a Cincinnati radio station, where he made a disgusting, insensitive remark not once but twice.  

Huggins, 70, is a Hall of Famer and one of the winningest coaches in the history of college basketball, but he’s also the guy who irresponsibly threw it all away and made decisions that not only ruined his career but also badly hurt the West Virginia basketball in the process. The Mountaineers had potential to be a top ten team and compete for a national championship this season, but Huggins made a decision that destroyed it all.

Bob Huggins cares more about Bob Huggins than he does West Virginia 

Bob Huggins cares about Bob Huggins. His rants about how much he cares about the state of West Virginia falls on deaf ears at this point because actions speak louder than words. Yes, he’s done a lot for cancer research in the state, yes he greatly improved the basketball facilities at West Virginia, yes he’s won a lot of games, but the reality is that he will be remembered for the tragic end of his career more than anything positive that he accomplished over the last 40 years.

Bob Huggins wants to coach again. He dreams of sitting on his stool at the WVU Coliseum next season, but West Virginia University, or any school for that matter, would be absolutely crazy to consider allowing Huggins to lead their basketball program. At this stage of his life, he brings far more baggage and problems than any good that he could actually do for a basketball team.

Bob Huggins’ Next Move

I believe Bob Huggins’ next move is very predictable. He will continue to show up at West Virginia basketball games – because he can’t stay away from it – and he will continue to do his podcast, and he will make an embarrass pitch to return as the head coach at the end of the season, but ultimately Bob Huggins’ days in the limelight are over. He should enjoy fishing and hanging out in his cabin and gracefully move on from the sport he loved so much.