Bob Huggins Now the Winningest Active Head Coach in College Basketball

Morgantown, West Virginia – With the announcement of Jim Boeheim retiring as the head coach at Syracuse, Bob Huggins is now the the winningest active head coach in college basketball.

Huggins, who has 934 wins in 41 seasons as a head coach, is 3rd all-time in career wins behind only Boeheim and Duke’s former head coach, Mike Krzyzewski.

Boeheim recently had the following to say about his good friend, Bob Huggins: “We’ve known each other a long time. He’s a great guy. We kid each other all the time. He kids me about being old and I kid him about being big. But he’s a great coach,’’ Boeheim added. “He’s what basketball is all about. He loves basketball. He lives to coach. He won’t quit coaching ever.  He’ll be coaching way past this. Way past me.’’