Bob Huggins Raises a Huge Amount of Money for Cancer Research

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Despite a very tumultuous year for Bob Huggins, he is still one of the most popular people in the state of West Virginia. Huggins, 70, faced disciplinary action from West Virginia University after making homophobic remarks on a Cincinnati radio station, then, a little over a month later, was arrested in Pittsburgh for a DUI.

However, Huggins has gone to rehab and according to him, he has not had a drink of alcohol since his arrest, and he’s doing his best to move on with his life after the difficult last year. Each year for the last 11 years, Huggins has hosted a fish fry to benefit lifesaving cancer care and research. In previous years, the money went to the WVU Cancer Institute, but unfortunately West Virginia University reportedly chose not to participate in this year’s event. Instead, all donations went to the Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Endowment in support of cancer care services at Vandalia Health and the Remember the Miners Scholars Program.

This year, Huggins raised over $700,000 to support cancer research. Following a recent fish fry, Huggins said the following about the money donated: “That’s why we do it,” Huggins said. “Again, I lost my mother to cancer and to sit there by her bedside and see my mother struggle through months of cancer was a really, really rough thing. You know, you just obviously, you feel bad for all the people who have loved ones going through that.

“And, you know, I just thought, you know, anything that we could do to help I think would be time well spent. You know, I think we have a great need for it here in this state.”