Bob Huggins Responds To Critics

MORGANTOWN, WV – Former WVU Head Coach Bob Huggins has been under a plethora of scrutiny over the last 9 months. Since his ugly departure from West Virginia University, many fans and media members have aimed their dismay towards the 70-year old.

Earlier today, prominent WVU Donor Ken Kendrick had some harsh things to say about Huggins in an interview with Hoppy Kerchival of SportsLine.


Huggins, who is no stranger to speaking his mind, fired back at Kendrick and his critics in a statement released this evening.

Here is what Huggins had to say:

“Lots of folks asking for a response to recent comments about me.

The only thing I’ll say is I know my situation invites criticism, but I hope the strong opinions and judgments about me don’t make anybody else out there feel ashamed in their own struggles.

My home state of West Virginia gets kicked around a lot, but the truth is there’s a problem in this state and so many others, and a lot of people suffer from addiction. If you’re struggling with addiction and recovery, do not let the shamers get to you.

I continue to learn from my mistakes. We all have our critics. Like me, you may be your own worst critic. But as we know well in West Virginia, pressure makes diamonds.

Keep Pressing”

To say that things are dicey within the WVU Men’s Basketball program at the moment would be a gargantuan understatement. Stay tuned to The Voice of Motown for any updates on the situation.

(Photo by WVU Athletics)