Bob Huggins Responds to Lies From Media and Fans

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Today on the Full Court Press Radio Show with Bob Huggins, the former head coach of the Mountaineers was asked to respond to a recent article by MetroNews’ reporter Hoppy Kercheval entitled “Bob Huggins has a Zero Chance of Returning as WVU’s head coach.”

In the article, Kercheval said the following: “Chatter continues that Huggins would like his old job back, and the coach has his supporters in Mountaineer Nation who would like to see him back on the bench as soon as possible. But that simply is not going to happen. According to my sources, there is zero interest at the highest levels of the WVU Athletic Department or Stewart Hall for Huggins to return as coach or even be under consideration. Zero.”

Kercheval went on to say, “Huggins made matters worse by claiming he never really resigned and then threatening to sue the University. Those events and his obstinacy burned up much of the well-earned goodwill he had built up at the University over the years.”

Huggins took issue with this, claiming he truly never said anything about suing the school. “I never, ever said anything about suing West Virginia University,” Huggins said. “It didn’t happen. That’s not remotely anything what I said. I told my attorney that we are not suing anyone, especially not my university.”

Kercheval also claimed in the article that Huggins could be welcomed back to the WVU Coliseum for a formal celebration of his accomplishments, but that he would have to take responsiblity for his actions.

Huggins responded on his radio station today by saying, ” I’ve done nothing but take responsiblity. When people say things about you that is absolutely untrue, they should probably stop to think before they open their mouths.”

“I’ve never threatened to sue the university. I was told by someone that I’m not even allowed to go into the building (WVU basketball practice facility) that I built with money that I raised. I guess some days are slow news days and you have to make stuff up.”