Bob Huggins Says He’s Died a Couple of Times

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia Head Coach Bob Huggins was a guest today on Jon Rothstein’s podcast, “College Hoops Today.”

Rothstein asked Huggins about the Big 12 Tournament being cancelled last March.  Rothstein said, “Did you feel like the world was standing still?”

Huggins replied, “Well I’ve been dead a few times and they’ve shocked me back to life so my perspective of the world standing still is a little bit different than most.”


Huggins, who suffered a massive heart attack in 2002 at the Pittsburgh International Airport, didn’t elaborate on the other times that he’s cheated death.

Huggins also had a health scare in 2017 during a Texas game in the West Virginia Coliseum.  Huggins dropped to the ground on the sidelines and clutched his chest.  He later explained that his defibrillator went off during the game.

Huggins, 67, has lost a considerable amount of weight during the offseason and appears to be in much better health this year than in previous seasons.