Bob Huggins Should Hire Kevin Pittsnogle as a Graduate Manager

Morgantown, West Virginia – Marshall Henderson, a former basketball standout for the Ole Miss Rebels, was hired yesterday by head coach Kermit Davis as a Graduate Manager.  Henderson, who played for the Rebels from 2012-2014, became a fan favorite at Ole Miss for his flamboyant play and three-point shooting.

Like Henderson, Kevin Pittsnogle left a indelible impact on his respected collegiate basketball program.  Pittsnogle was not only a fan favorite for the Mountaineers – as a sharpshooting big man –  he also changed the way that college basketball was played.  A member of the WVU Hall of Fame, Pittsnogle has worked as a special education teacher and basketball coach in his hometown of Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Although Pittsnogle doesn’t have any experience coaching at the major college level, West Virginia University is the perfect place for him to get his start.  Pittsnogle graduated in three and a half years with a bachelor’s degree in athletic coaching education and earned a Master of Arts degree in education and human services of multi-categorical special education from WVU in May 2017.

While Pittsnogle is already doing well in his current career, a move back to Morgantown and a return to the West Virginia basketball program  would be a perfect transition into a major coaching role.

In addition, West Virginia’s current coaching staff is aging and bringing in a relatively young former player like Pittsnogle would breathe life into the Mountaineers’ bench.  When Ole Miss hired Marshall Henderson as a Graduate Manager yesterday, the decision was received with universal praise and excitement.  Bob Huggins should do same for Kevin Pittsnogle and the West Virginia Mountaineers basketball program.  It’s time to bring Pittsnogle back home to Morgantown where he belongs.