Bob Huggins Takes a Shot at His Players on Social Media

Morgantown, West Virginia – Moments ago, legendary West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins took to social media to apparently question his players’ hearts publicly.

Huggins posted a picture of Gene Hackman from the movie The Replacements where Hackman’s character replied to a reporter’s question about how his team can get back in the game by saying, “Heart. You’ve got to have heart. Miles and miles of heart.”

In addition, Huggins posted a picture of the odds of making the NCAA Tournament based on how many wins a team has during the regular season.  West Virginia, who has 14 wins (14-14 overall) with 3 regular season games remaining, is a long-shot at best at making the tournament.

However, according to the odds that Huggins posted, there is certainly opportunities for the Mountaineers remaining. With 15 wins, West Virginia would have a 0.8% chance of making the tournament. With two more wins and 16 total wins, the Mountaineers would have a 22.1% chance of playing in the tournament. With three more wins and 17 total wins, the odds go up to 75%. With four more wins, the chances would be 94.5% and with five more wins it goes up to 99.2%.

Although it seems like it’s unlikely to happen, West Virginia can certainly go on a run and greatly improve their chances of playing in the NCAA Tournament.

All it takes is a little heart, according to Bob Huggins.