Brad Smith Ranks the West Virginia Podcasts

Disclaimer:  I am not a long-time listener of any of the following podcasts.  I’ve recently made time to listen to multiple shows of each and I’ve ranked them based on a variety of criteria.  In addition, I did come into this with preconceived ideas of which I would and would not like.  With that said, I attempted to be as fair and unbiased in my rankings as possible.

#8 – The Blue Lot Pod 

For some reason, this group constantly struggles with technical difficulties.  Whether it’s The Walk Thru Game Day Show or this particular podcast, no one has so many issues with technology.  I’m perhaps one of the only viewers of Schuyler Callihan’s pregame show because I’m such a Eugene Napoleon fan, but typically the show has limited or no audio, which makes it very challenging to follow.

Not surprisingly, the hosts opened the most recent show (The Big 12 Tourney) discussing how “technology sucks”, etc., and then segued into washing hands.  The Blue Lot Pod does not offer any new views or insight and the audio/technical issues make it the very worst podcast in Mountaineer Nation.

#7 – Country Roads Confidential: A WVU Mountaineers 

Chris Anderson and Mike Casazza are two of the least likable people in West Virginia and for good reason.  They’re both very smug and think that they’re a lot more intelligent than they actually are.

I’m certain that they have a bit of a following of fans that think they have inside sources, but the reality is that Anderson and Casazza have made a living off stalking high school athletes on Twitter.

#6 – Country Roads Webcast

Jordan Crews runs down outdated topics and again, there simply isn’t anything offered here that you won’t find on the larger, more successful podcasts.  Crews is clearly knowledgeable enough, but the Country Roads Webcast is simply another boring podcast in the crowded West Virginia sports market.

#5 – Unreasonable Doubt: A Podcast about West Virginia University Basketball  

Josh Whitt has a very nice little show here that should probably get a lot more attention than it does.  I presume that he has approximately 50 frequent listeners and deserves more.

Whitt has some very solid insight, but his whiny, nasally voice is very difficult to listen to for a long period of time.  In his most recent podcast, he amusingly continuously washed his hands throughout the show by turning on the sink and didn’t mention that he was doing it.  However, he’s a dork and actually said phrases like,  “This virus is a real jerk.”

#4 – The Final Fourcast – WVU & Everything Else

West Virginia basketball alums Kevin Jones, Da’Sean Butler and John Flowers come together for the “The Final Fourcast.”  Jones and Butler really shine here, but Flowers perpetually sounds like he’s just awoken up from a nap.

Clearly these three have a lot of insight to offer after their long careers playing for the Mountaineers and professionally overseas, but the show sounds like they are still trying to find the same chemistry on the podcast that they had on the court.

#3 – Got Your Eers On?

The new kids to the West Virginia podcast game, GYEO has already established itself as one of the most fun, informative shows about the Mountaineers.

This is one of the only podcasts that I listen to regularly and it is never dull or boring.  While they are currently ranked #3, I could easily see this being the top West Virginia podcast for years to come.

#2 – The Raspy Voice Kids

I’m a fan of the Phoenix brothers and respect what they’re doing because it is very different than what any other West Virginia podcast is doing.  With that said, I don’t understand the name; they don’t have raspy voices and they certainly aren’t kids.

Brandon and Jeremy bring an outstanding energy and keep their shows tight and entertaining.  If I were them, I would consider rebranding themselves and changing the name of the podcast.  Otherwise, this is an outstanding podcast and the Phoenix brothers bring something to Mountaineer Nation that no one else does.

#1 – 3 Guys

Tony Caridi, Brad Howe and Hoppy Kercheval bring a level of professionalism and knowledge of the football and basketball programs that no one else in the business can match.

Caridi, who drips with expertise and competence, is one of the most respected broadcasters in the state and he does not disappoint on 3 Guys.  Caridi, Howe and Kercheval are so comfortable on the radio, have such great chemistry together and no one does it better job than them in the podcast game right now.

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