BREAKING: Athletes Can Play a Full Season This Year and Not Lose a Year of Eligibility

Moments ago, the NCAA Division I Council decided that athletes participating in Fall sports will not lose a year of eligibility.  According to the release, “student-athletes can compete in any amount of competitions this year and it will not count as a season of eligibility.”


This means that all West Virginia players can play a full season and return next year in the same class.  For instance, a Freshman will remain a Freshman next year, a Sophomore will stay a Sophomore, even though they have played an entire season.  It’s not yet decided if Seniors will be able to return next season, but it looks like they will be able to return as long as they’re enrolled in courses (Grad school classes, etc.).


This still needs to be approved by the NCAA Board of Governors on Friday, but it appears that students are on their way to receiving one full year of eligibility.