Breaking Down Jarret Doege’s Exact Quotes About Returning Next Season

Morgantown, West Virginia – In the second quarter of West Virginia’s victory over the Texas Longhorns last weekend, ESPN sideline reporter Taylor McGregor shook the entire foundation of the state of West Virginia when she casually declared that redshirt senior quarterback Jarret Doege will return for another season in Morgantown.

When asked why Doege chose not to walk with the seniors on Senior Day, McGregor said the following: “He told me that he has a lot of unfinished business. He point out specifically his relationship with Bryce Ford-Wheaton.  He feels like they are just getting started.  He said ‘We’ve grown up so much on and off the field together.’  He said, ‘We’re so excited about what we could potentially do next season.”

Not only does Doege plan to return to the team, he intends to be the starting quarterback for the Mountaineers.  Doege’s potential return is obviously very difficult news to swallow for Garrett Greene, Will “Goose” Crowder and Nicco Marchiol, who all likely plan to be the #1 guy next season as well.

McGregor was pressed for a more detailed explanation when she was asked, “In that conversation with Jarret Doege, did Doege say that he’s coming back for sure next season?”

McGregor quickly replied, “He did.  He elected to not walk here today because he plans on coming back next season.  There were a lot of reasons that I mentioned.  Bryce Ford-Wheaton, but he also said multiple times, ‘Look, I lead the Big 12 in passing’ and if that’s what he can do this year, with another year in this offense and another year of development for his receivers, he feels like this team can be even more special next year.”

Although Doege is right that he leads the Big 12 Conference in terms of passing yards with 2,738, he also leads the conference in interceptions with 10 and has an abysmal quarterback rating of 63.2.

Following the game, Doege backed off what he said to McGregor and offered the following instead: “I’m just focusing on this season week-to-week.  My focus was on Texas this week and it will be on Kansas next week.  I will sit down with Coach Brown when this season is over and we’ll see what happens.”

Although he clearly doesn’t want to discuss it, it’s obvious that Doege intends to return.  What other options does he have?  Neal Brown somehow believes in Jarret Doege and is willing to stake his young coaching career on him.