BREAKING: Huggins agrees to coach Best Virginia in the TBT

Moments ago on the “Bob Huggins Show” live from Kegler’s, John Flowers asked Bob Huggins to be the coach of Best Virginia in the upcoming “The Basketball Tournament.”

It appeared that Flowers was joking when he asked, but announcer Tony Caridi made some great points, saying, “It would be a national story, you could coach your old guys one last time…”  Huggins pointed at his wife who said, “I don’t care”, then Huggins said, “I would love to.”

Huggins said that he would love to see his former players win a million dollars and said that he would coach the team.  The show immediately went to commercial following Huggins saying this and they didn’t mention it when they returned from commercial, so it’s unclear whether he was joking or not.

Press Virginia was coached last year by former Mountaineer player and current high school basketball coach Jarrod West.  If Huggins actually coaches the team, it would be a tremendous upgrade and would likely make Press Virginia an immediate favorite to win The Tournament.