BREAKING: New Report Sources Highlighting Bob Huggins’ Past Behavior

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Bob Huggins’ past may finally be catching up to him. Huggins, who made a homophobic remark yesterday on a Cincinnati radio program, promptly apologized and said that he would do better in the future.

However, according to longtime Cincinnati beat writer Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirer, this is far from the first time that Bob Huggins has made inappropriate comments. In fact, according to Williams, this is classic Bob Huggins.

“I watched him verbally dismantle his players in practice,” Williams said. “I heard him call players a vile word that rhymes with “hunt.” I knew of him to use the same f-word that he used on WLW. Huggins referred to a fellow beat reporter’s laptop carrying case as a “(bleep) bag.” No idea why. He thought it was funny. No one else did.”

Williams went on to say that he saw a very gentle and loving side of Huggins, and gave him a ton of credit for all that he’s done at West Virginia, including the millions and millions of dollars that he’s raised for cancer research. However, according to Williams, Huggins was wrong for the way he behaved in the past at Cincinnati and he was wrong for what he said yesterday.