Breakout Season Coming for Jevon Carter

Morgantown, West Virginia – When Jevon Carter signed his new 3 year deal with the Phoenix Suns, he said that the Suns organization “feels like family” like it did in college at West Virginia University.

“It just felt like family here in Phoenix,” Carter said. “It felt like I was wanted here. Even when I went through the stretches when I wasn’t playing, it never felt like they didn’t want me here. It was just that’s what they were trying to do for our team.  Even through all that, I always felt like I was wanted.”

During the offseason, Carter has continued to put in the extra work every chance he gets.  According to Phoenix Sports, “Carter is one of the hardest workers that has come through the organization, and last season it was difficult to get on the court because of concerts and other events.  This season, due to COVID restrictions that have cancelled those events, Carter can now get on the court to practice anytime he wants.”

“It’s been sweet,” Carter said. “You get to come in here whenever. There’s two courts, there’s so much space — there’s so much here that we can do to get better.

“We got the top of the line everything here, so it’s like being a kid walking in a candy store. You can just pick out whatever you need.”

Now, Carter will be relied on to backup one of the best point guards in the NBA and perhaps in the history of the league, Chris Paul, who was recently traded to Phoenix from the Houston Rockets.

Paul, 35, is aging and will need to play less minutes, so this is a perfect opportunity for Carter to come in and provide excellent, quality minutes for the veteran.  With all the work that he has put in during the offseason, and him being a part of an ideal situation where he feels loved and watched, Jevon Carter is ready to truly explode on the scene and have a real breakout season in his third year in the NBA.

  • The Phoenix Suns open the preseason this Saturday, December 12th against the Utah Jazz at 9:00PM.
  • The Suns open the regular season at home against the Dallas Mavericks on December 23 at 10:30PM.