Bad Breakup Between Oliver Luck and XFL Continues

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 


Last April, former WVU athletic director Oliver Luck filed a “wrongful termination” lawsuit against Vince McMahon and the XFL. Luck, who had served as the league’s commissioner before their temporary demise due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was fired by McMahon “with cause.” However, Luck is claiming he is owed the $23.8 million remaining on his contract, per reports.

Over the last few days, the situation has become an even bigger mess.

According to Chris Bumbaca of USA Today, McMahon has countersued Luck for “defying his orders” and “essentially abandoning his duties when the COVID-19 pandemic began.”


Bumbaca would also report much of the counter lawsuit is due to Luck welcoming former Browns receiver Antonio Callaway into the league without McMahon’s permission. Callaway had behavior issues in Cleveland, and did not meet McMahon’s “good character” policy that he had put in place for the XFL.

McMahon is seeking $500,000+ to cover Callaway’s contract, per Bumbaca.

Things are far from over between Luck and McMahon, and we should not expect the two sides to settle anytime soon.