Bring Best Virginia to Morgantown!

Morgantown, West Virginia – Although the Charleston Coliseum was an outstanding host for the West Virginia Regional of the TBT this past week, moving the event to Morgantown to be played inside the WVU Coliseum is an absolute no-brainer and should happen next summer.

Best Virginia general manager/player John Flowers said the following about potentially playing at the Coliseum again: “I would love to have it in Morgantown at our real home, at the Coliseum.  We’ll try to make some noise on that, try to get it talked about it, and do whatever we need to do to get that done.”

While it’s certainly possible that practices for various athletic teams take place during the time that Best Virginia would need the Coliseum, West Virginia’s new outstanding basketball practice facility could accommodate this easily with little effort.

Many of the Best Virginia players live in the Morgantown area and support the current players, and allowing them the opportunity to take over the Coliseum for a week would be huge for the former players, the West Virginia basketball program and Morgantown.

Director of Athletics Shane Lyons is apparently open to the idea, too.  While it would take some maneuvering on his part to make it happen, Lyons is one of the best in the business and he certainly understands what it would mean to the fanbase to have the Mountaineers playing again in their real home, the WVU Coliseum.

Best Virginia had a big home court advantage in Charleston, but just imagine the advantage with 14,000 wild Mountaineers rocking the Coliseum next summer!