Bring on the ACC!

Morgantown, West Virginia – College football expansion reports are flying fast and furious, and Oklahoma and Texas both appear ready to leave the Big 12 Conference.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and there’s a lot of smoke surrounding the potential move.

Oklahoma and Texas have both released statements in the last few minutes essentially saying the same thing: “College athletics is constantly changing and shifting, and we don’t address every rumor.”

With that said, it’s very clear that the move is inevitable for both schools.  In addition, it’s now being reported that Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Kansas State and Iowa State are being pursued by the Pac 12 to form a new sixteen team power conference.

If true, West Virginia would certainly be left in the dust, searching for a new home.  Although the ACC has not been receptive to West Virginia joining the conference in the past, it almost makes too much sense at this point.

Jim Phillips, the new ACC commissioner, has made it clear that he wants Notre Dame in the conference, which would make 15 teams.  If Notre Dame joins the ACC, and that’s a big if, the conference would need one more team to make it an even sixteen teams.  West Virginia is the only logical choice.

A move to the ACC would revitalize West Virginia’s natural, geographical rivalries with Pitt, Miami, Syracuse and Boston College.  West Virginia has been a complete outsider since joining the Big 12 both in terms of recruiting and travel, and a move to the ACC would immediately fixed all of the many issues created when West Virginia joined the Big 12 in 2012.

The Big 12 Conference is about to be blown up and Shane Lyons should absolutely be on the phone right now with Jim Phillips of the ACC making his push to join the conference as soon as possible.