Brown and Huggins Make Top Basketball and Football Head Coaching Duos List


(Image from The Weirton Daily Times)

Morgantown, West Virginia – Earlier today, Twitter sports phenomena Big Game Boomer released his newest poll ranking the “Top 50 Head Basketball/Football Coaching Duos.” In this poll, he has WVU’s duo of Bob Huggins and Neal Brown ranked 49th.

So what does this mean?

This poll doesn’t indicate very much, and it is all for fun, but it does display what the national sports audience thinks of Neal Brown. Bob Huggins is a Hall of Fame coach, having 919 total wins in his tenure as a head coach. That record and tenure as a head coach have been tainted by a football coach that has been very unsuccessful during his time at West Virginia.

Why does this matter?

West Virginia Football is currently seen as a laughing stock and a bottom dweller. Despite how good Bob Huggins is as a head coach, he cannot do everything, and Brown needs to carry his own weight. Football at this moment in time pays the bills, and if WVU wants any chance to help the new Big 12 gain more money, they have to do better.

Big Game Boomer is just one example of what other people from other fanbases think of Brown. This football program was once one of the best in the country on a year-to-year basis. WVU could EASILY be in the top 20 of Boomer’s poll if West Virginia had a competent coach steering the ship in football.

What’s to Come?

WVU plans to hire a new Athletic Director in the coming weeks, and this AD needs to hire someone with a pulse. We are just ONE coach away from being in the spotlight again, and now is the best chance we have had since the Rich Rodriguez days.