Bruce Irvin Takes Hilarious Shot at Carson Wentz

(Photo by WVU)

Bruce Irvin isn’t only intimidating on the football field, but he is a savage off of it.


Just before his Seattle Seahawks took down the Philadelphia Eagles, 23-17, Irvin had some choice words for Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz. Words that may require a second look when scrolling through Twitter.

“Wentz is cheeks.”

For those of you who may be confused, just think about it – Irvin is simply using a creative way to call Wentz “ass.”

Carson Wentz had a rather mediocre outing against the Seahawks, much like he has performed the rest of the season. Irvin is out for the season with a torn ACL, but this does not mean that the former Mountaineer will back down from sharing his opinion. And last night was a prime example of that.

After all, for someone who has tormented quarterbacks throughout his career, he certainly deserves to call them how he sees them. Wentz just so happened to be his latest victim last night.