Can Jarret Doege Lead WVU to a Big 12 Championship?

Before I take a deeper dive into this, let me be very clear – yes, I am well aware that there are multiple opinions regarding the quarterback position on our site. This is an “opinion-based” website, and being that there are multiple writers with different perspectives, sometimes things may contradict one another. So before you take the time to point that out in our always lovely Facebook comment section, I want to be transparent in that we truly do not give a shit if you do not like it. Now, on to the quarterbacks…


On the subject at hand, I will cut right to the chase and answer it for you – yes, Jarret Doege can lead WVU to a Big 12 championship.


As learned with many quarterbacks on several different levels of competition over the years, it’s not always the best signal-caller that wins it all. Look at Tom Brady, for example. He is widely renowned as the “GOAT”, and rightfully so as he prepares for his tenth Super Bowl appearance. However, though Brady has had immense success, he has never been the most talented quarterback in the NFL. Guys like Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and even Peyton Manning have displayed to have a better game than Brady, but all have failed to capture even a pinch of the success that he has. (Mahomes is still young and is heading to his second Super Bowl – but given the current situation, he is incomparable to Brady.)


Why is that, exactly? It’s because Tom Brady has always had a superior supporting cast. Had Brady not had Belichick at his side, or had he lacked players like Malcolm Butler and Adam Vinateri that helped him secure his rings, there is absolutely no way he would have six today. Football is a team game, and even the most average of quarterbacks can be great in the right situations.


This is exactly the mindset I have when it comes to WVU quarterback Jarret Doege. I am not naive to the fact that he isn’t the most talented quarterback the Mountaineers have had since joining the Big 12. He has his flaws, but so does every other player. His deep ball has the tendency to come up short at times, he lacks mobility, and sometimes his decision making leaves some to be desired. Once the stats are broken down, however, Doege rarely does anything to put his team in jeopardy of losing a game.


That is exactly the quarterback that this Mountaineer team needs. Defensively, West Virginia should once again be one of the best units in the nation, and Leddie Brown will anchor what will be a solid rushing attack on offense. With so many pieces around him, this means Doege has to be nothing more than a game-manager in Morgantown. He doesn’t have to be spectacular and make all of the “superstar” like plays. All he has to do is do his job, and do his job well. That will give the Mountaineers the best chance to win moving forward. Nothing more, nothing less.


I expect the next eight months to be filled with quarterback conversations among our fanbase. Many will want Greene, some will even call for Will Crower, but in the end, Doege is going to be the best bet for this team. Absolutely, he can lead them to a Big 12 championship, simply because he is not the one that is carrying the team on his back. The days of that are long gone in Morgantown with Neal Brown at the helm, and we can expect everyone to do their equal share in bringing this team to greatness. – even Doege.


The 2021 Mountaineer football team has the potential to be great, and I believe Jarret Doege will be a pivotal part of making the program successful. There are no guarantees in football, but if there is even a sliver of hope that the Mountaineers will make a title game appearance this year, the keys of the offense will be in the hands of the Bowling Green transfer.