JT Daniels Arrives in Morgantown

Morgantown, West Virginia - It's finally happening! After weeks of speculation and visits to two other universities (Oregon State and Missouri), five star quarterback JT Daniels will arrive in Morgantown and step on campus at West Virginia University this weekend. While Daniels has kept his previous visits quiet and low-key, The Voice of Motown has photographers set up at the football facilities and throughout the WVU campus to document his trip. In addition, VOM is closely monitoring FlightRadar24 for incoming flights to the Northcentral West Virginia area. Daniels, a quarterback from Irvine, California, initially committed to play for USC out of high school before transferring to Georgia, and is now one of the most highly-ranked transfers in the nation. Daniels, a 6'3 junior, played for new West Virginia offensive coordinator Graham Harrell at USC as a freshman and will have two full years of eligibility remaining. Daniels would be the perfect transition quarterback to step in and start for the Mountaineers while the team's talented young players - Nicco Marchiol, Will "Goose" Crowder and Garrett Greene - all develop. In addition, it would set up a matchup in the Backyard Brawl featuring Kedon Slovis, USC's starting quarterback last season, and Daniels, who battled Slovis for playing time as a freshman. Daniels has already visited both Oregon State and Missouri over the past month and enjoyed his time at both universities. However, West Virginia has the connection to Harrell, the potential huge matchup against his former teammate in the season opener, and he will likely face less experienced competition in the quarterback room with the Mountaineers than he would at Oregon State or Missouri. Last season, Daniels had 722 yards, 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in limited action. Although West Virginia landing Daniels is far from a certainty, Neal Brown is likely not completely comfortable heading into the 2022-2023 season with only Marchiol, Crowder and Greene, despite what he's said during spring drills. Adding a player of the caliber of JT Daniels would instantly make the Mountaineers a real contender in the Big 12 Conference next season and give them the very best chance of beating a really tough Pitt Panthers team in the Backyard Brawl.

I Feel Bad for JT Daniels

(Photo by WVU Athletics)   Coming out of high school, J.T. Daniels probably never envisioned his collegiate career going like this. The former 5-star had his USC stint end due to injury, and then his time with the Georgia Bulldogs came to a close after Stetson Bennett beat him out. Now, Daniels can likely add West Virginia to his long list of woes in college. Today, Daniels was benched in favor of Garrett Greene. Now that Greene has led WVU to their first win over Oklahoma in the Big 12, we have likely seen the last of Daniels for 2022 - and possibly the last of him in the Gold and Blue. For whatever reason, things just aren’t working out for Daniels in Morgantown. He started out strong, but has fallen off a cliff following a loss to Texas Tech. In the last two games against Iowa State and Oklahoma, Daniels has combined for 15 of 44 passing for 146 yards and one touchdown to two interceptions. Those aren’t bad numbers, those are miserably bad numbers. There has been no word that he is playing hurt nor is there anything said to be hindering him. He’s just been off - plain and simple. Though it had seemed Morgantown would finally be the place that Daniels got things on track, it has crumbled. He is now likely back to square one. This is honestly just heartbreaking. I do not know Daniels personally, but he just seems like a genuine guy. He was a five-star prospect coming out of high school, but you would’ve never guessed that by hearing him speak. He’s not a mess like Tate Martell was at Ohio State and Miami. Daniels is just a good guy trying to find his footing in the game of College Football. He’s humble and cares about his teammates. You won’t find many people who do not want this guy to succeed. There is a chance that he could get things turned around at another college with one more year of eligibility, but his time is running out. I’m not sure another Power Five school would take a chance on him after it hasn’t worked out at 3 other schools. Wherever this road takes Daniels next - whether it’s somewhere else or somehow him getting it turned around at WVU…I wish him nothing but the best. I’m rooting for him, but the writing on the wall may just be too much to overcome at this point.   Sadly, it may not have ever been meant for Daniels to be the star quarterback that everyone thought he would be.  

The Worst Coach of the 2019 Season

Dana Holgorsen has not had a very good year in his first season at Houston.  The numerous reasons for him being named our "Worst Coach of the 2019 Season" will be outlined below and have led him to be #9 ranked on the coaches on the hot seat list (https://coacheshotseat.com/) after only one season at his new job. Season Record First and foremost, wins and losses in college football are all that matters.  The Houston Cougars had high hopes coming into Holgorsen's first season with talented, Heisman Trophy dark horse quarterback D'Eriq King leading the way as a Senior.  What unfolded instead was a disappointing collage of embarrassing moments on and off the field en route to a 4-8 overall record and 2-6 in the underwhelming American Athletic Conference. Asking Players to Redshirt  After an incredibly poor start to the season, Holgorsen, in an unprecedented move in college football, asked several of his key players to redshirt this season and return for one more season, essentially abandoning all hopes for the current season.  Holgorsen was attempting to take advantage of college football's 4 game redshirt rule that will allow a player to play in up to four games without losing a year of eligibility. Starting quarterback and Heisman hopeful D'Eriq King decided to take Holgorsen's advice and redshirted following Houston's fourth game of the season, saying, "I came here to play football for the University of Houston and that's not changing.  After carefully thinking through this process with my family and Coach Holgorsen, I have decided the opportunity to redshirt this season gives me the best chance to develop as a player, earn my degree and set me up for the best success in the future.  I'm looking forward to being a part of the success of this program going forward." King will likely not return to the Houston program.  Don't be surprised to see him as the starting quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners next season. More recently, Justin Murphy, a (former) offensive guard for the Houston Cougars, claimed to be suspended from the team by Holgorsen for "being a distraction and not committed to the team."  Murphy went on to claim that Holgorsen "actively tanked" and gave up on this season. https://twitter.com/JMurphy_73/status/1182460063732158464?s=20 While Murphy's blunt language is shocking, how could Holgorsen deny that he did in fact "tank" this season in order to be better prepared for next season?  Tanking a season after 4 games in college football is completely unheard of and Holgorsen blatantly and openly gave up on not only this season but the players on his team. This, of course, was met with harsh criticism from many people but particularly those who were most affected by it, like Justin Murphy, who was a Redshirt Senior playing major college football for the last time in his life.  Holgorsen's selfishness negatively impacted many people but players like Murphy in particular. Numerous Blowups on the Sidelines Holgorsen spent most of his time on the sidelines this season screaming and cussing at either referees or his own players.  During an AAC showdown against UConn, Houston head coach Dana Holgorsen came unglued, shouting out expletives.  This particular moment was captured on camera. https://twitter.com/ZacBoyer/status/1185608097890484225 Poor Recruiting Results  However, the team is currently ranked 81st in the country in 2020 national recruiting class rankings and (perhaps even worse) 7th out of 12 teams in the American Athletic Conference.  To compare, the Cougars were ranked 72nd overall and 4th in the conference in the previous year.  These are not numbers that inspire hope or positive expectations for a program hungry for a winner. Holgorsen is already on a short leash Holgorsen's 5 year $20 million contract makes things complicated for Houston, but remember, Renu Khator, the University of Houston's President, once said, "Winning is defined at University of Houston as 10 and 2.  We'll fire coaches at 8 and 4." The University of Houston has big expectations and they want to win now.  Not only will Holgorsen lead Houston to its first losing season since 2012, he has also embarrassed the university over and over again.  While leaving West Virginia for his "home" in Houston seemed like a perfect situation for Holgorsen, it will likely end in a disastrous way either during the season next year or after another disappointing season for the Cougars.

Rich Rod Had Only ONE Request to Stay at WVU

Morgantown, West Virginia - Rich Rodriguez, who is the new Associate head coach/offensive coordinator for the University of Louisiana-Monroe, was 60-26 during his time at West Virginia University and nearly led the Mountaineers to a national championship in his final season in 2007. Rodriguez left West Virginia for Michigan following the 2007 season and today on The Pat McAfee Show, he finally revealed what led him to leaving Morgantown. Rodriguez said that it came down to $50,000. "We were doing pretty good.  I wasn't asking for anything for myself.  I wanted $50,000 more for my assistant coaches pool.  I was losing all kinds of great assistants every year.  All I wanted was $50,000 for the whole staff and I was told, 'Take it or leave it, Coach. We've done everything we can for you.'  That was the extent of the conversation." McAfee, who played for Rodriguez at WVU, was shocked, saying, "We had plaques on the walls.  We were on primetime television.  We were winning a lot.  I saw a lot of buildings going up, a lot of classrooms being redone.  I saw attendance go up.  So I would assume that if you went to the Administration and asked to continue to build the program and pay an extra $50,000, you would expect a simply 'yes', but apparently that didn't happen.  We didn't know any of that." Rodriguez said that his new employer, Michigan, asked him to move on and not answer questions about West Virginia University, which led to a lot of misunderstanding among West Virginia fans. If this is true, it's a monumental failure by the West Virginia administration to retain a head coach that took the program to incredible heights.  Check out the video below: https://twitter.com/patmcafeeshow/status/1349410952899395584?s=21  

My Interview With Rich Rodriguez

A message from the Interviewer: Back in 2019, when I was a writer for Mountaineer Sports, I reached out to Rich Rodriguez for an interview to ask him the questions that no one else ever had. For me, the football seasons with Rich Rodriguez as coach were some of my finest memories as a West Virginia fan. Rich Rodriguez always represented passion and enthusiasm for the game, innovation and and a level of success at West Virginia that I didn’t think possible before.  When Coach Rodriguez left for Michigan in 2007, I was disappointed like every other true fan.  I hated to see him go, but I didn’t have the deep, visceral hate that some fans felt towards him and his departure from WVU.  I didn’t view it as a betrayal but rather as a business decision by someone that desperately wanted to reach his full potential in his profession. I followed him closely at Michigan.  I wanted him to be successful and win the national championship that I felt he deserved.  I have an unremitting belief in his brand of football.  When it didn’t go as planned at Michigan, I watched his Arizona teams closely.  I followed his time as an offensive coordinator at Ole Miss and saw him succeed during his return to head coaching at Jacksonville State this past season. Perhaps as a boy growing up in West Virginia, he represented something to me that not many other West Virginia-born citizens did.  He worked hard and became an enormous success doing what he loves to do.  He is a self-made, West Virginia born and bred success story.  West Virginia does not have an overwhelming number of examples of this. Bob Huggins, Nick Saban, Mary Lou Retton, Chuck Yeager, Jerry West are a few, but the list isn’t lengthy.  Rich Rodriguez exemplified what I wanted growing up.  I didn’t necessarily want to be a football coach, but I wanted to be great at a job that I loved.  I wanted to have the same passion and enthusiasm and dedication that Rich Rodriguez showed on the field and in the locker room.  I will always look up to him for that reason. When I learned that I would be interviewing Coach Rodriguez, I knew that I could take a couple of different approaches to it.  This interview was different than with previous interviewees that are universally adored like Jevon Carter, Eugene Napoleon, Damian Owens, etc.  I could bombard him with rumor-laced questions and accusations, immediately putting him on the defensive and abruptly ending the interview before it got started.  Or I could ask the questions that I truly care about and have always wondered.  I chose the latter. My goal in this interview is for all West Virginians to see Rich Rodriguez as I see him.  Admittedly and openly, I want to change a collective negative perception of someone I look up to and also did so much for West Virginia University.  I understand the difficult climb that I will face in changing your minds in any way.  I can already feel the oncoming eye rolls as I tell Coach Rodriguez how “loved and missed he is back home.” If nothing else, I got to talk to one of my heroes and express my appreciation for what he’s done for me and the university that I love so much. Rich Rodriguez is a West Virginia hero. The story of Rich Rodriguez is that of a small-town West Virginia boy who made it big doing what he loves to do.  The most successful Head Coach in West Virginia football history, he took the Mountaineer football program to heights not thought possible.  Clearly this opinion is not shared by all West Virginians.  Rich Rodriguez is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of the university.  Some people in the state still believe that he is a traitor, that he turned his back on the state and all of us fans.  This is simply not true. For anyone to hold a grudge for the way that he left the program is unfair.  Dealing with an uncooperative administration in Morgantown, fighting for improvements to the program and being denied every step of the way, Rodriguez was also pursued by several other programs at the same time. Michigan offered him everything that he wanted at WVU and more.  This was not about money, this was about winning championships.  Michigan gave him a fresh start and a better chance to compete for championships long-term, at one of the most storied, successful programs in history, without the headaches of dealing with an administration that didn’t have the same vision for success that he had.  Who among us wouldn’t have made the very same decision? Rich Rodriguez loves West Virginia and its people.  The pain in his voice when he discusses the 13-9 loss in 2007 against Pitt tells it all.  He’s still tortured by that game to this day.  If you are one of the few people that still believe that he somehow overlooked the biggest game of his life because he was focused on leaving WVU for another job, you will know how ridiculous that is when you hear the emotions he still feels about that loss. This interview isn’t about the ugly ending of the beautiful story of Rich Rodriguez, this is a celebration of one of our own and his dazzling, magnificent time at West Virginia University.  Rich Rodriguez brought us some of the best memories in West Virginia sports history. His final three seasons at WVU:  11-1 and a Sugar Bowl win against Georgia, 11-2 and a Gator Bowl win against Georgia Tech and, finally, a 10-2 record, one game away from the National Championship.  Pat White. Steve Slaton.  Owen Schmitt.  The pregame speeches.  The revolutionary, trailblazing Zone Read Spread offense. The unprecedented success.  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories, Coach Rod. Without further ado, here's my interview with Rich Rodriguez from 2019: https://youtu.be/LMVYATA0YLQ

Why I Expect Neal Brown to Commit to Jarret Doege, Sooner Than Expected

(Photo by Ben Queen - USA Today)  It is the question on everyone’s minds - who will be WVU’s quarterback in 2021? While many fans are clamoring for Garrett Greene to get his opportunity, it is my belief that those individuals will have to wait before they see their wishes come to fruition. Despite the Bowling Green transfer being benched during the 24-21 win over Army in the Liberty Bowl, I expect Neal Brown to commit to Jarret Doege as his quarterback for 2021, sooner rather than later. No, I have absolutely no knowledge on the situation, but this is the conclusion I come to after observing what Brown had to say during his press conferences all season, particularly after the Liberty Bowl. When Brown was asked about his decision to switch to Austin Kendall in the second half, he stated that it came from three people, quarterbacks coach Sean Raegan, offensive coordinator Gerad Parker, and himself. The reason behind the switch in the second half was due to Doege “not seeing it” against Army’s defense, which was ranked as one of the best units in the nation coming into the contest. However, what Brown would say about Doege himself gives me the impression that he has full confidence in him. Though he struggled against Army, Brown came out and praised Doege’s overall 2020 season, saying that he had played “very, very well” for the entire campaign.   It is because of this comment that I believe Brown is going into the off-season with the decision already made on his quarterback. Coming out and publicly stating that he was pleased with his overall play gives me no indication, as a fan at least, that he has any ideas for a quarterback competition in mind. Whenever it is that Brown will speak to the media for the first time this spring, I expect him to be quick to commit to Doege. This will be a question that undoubtedly comes up, and Brown will likely give a fair and simple answer, officially coming out with the decision that he will continue to ride with him most experienced signal-caller moving forward.

WVU Releases Depth Chart for Week 1

West Virginia has released the depth chart for their week one game with Maryland. Offense QB Jarret Doege, Garrett Greene RB Leddie Brown, Tony Mathis, Justin Johnson Jr. WR X Bryce Ford-Wheaton, Kaden Prather WR Z Sean Ryan, Isaiah Esdale, Sam brown WR Slot Winston Wright Jr., Reese Smith. WR H Sam James, Graeson Malashevich TE Mike O’Laughlin, T.J Banks LT Brandon Yates, Ja’Quay Hubbard LG James Gmiter, Nick Malone C Zach Frazier, Jordan White RG Doug Nester, John Hughes RT Parker Moore, Wyatt Milum Defense DT Ahkeem Mesidor, Jalen Thornton DT Dante Stills, Jordan Jefferson DE Taijh Alston, Sean Martin, Taurus Simmons BANDIT VanDarius Cowan, Jared Bartlett, Lanell Carr MLB Josh Chandler-Semedo, Deshawn Stevens WLB Exree Loe, Lance Dixon SPEAR Scottie Young, Charles Woods LCB Nicktroy Fortune, Malachi Ruffin FS Alonzo Addae, Aubrey Burks CS Sean Mahone, Kerry Martin Jr. RCB Daryl Porter Jr., Jackie Matthews Special Teams K Casey Legg, Tyler Sumpter H Graeson Malashevich P Tyler Sumpter KO Evan Staley LS JP Hadley KR Winston Wright, Sam Brown PR Reese Smith or Winston Wright Jr., or Isaiah Esdale

Magnificent Mountaineers of the Week

It feels great to be bowl eligible. However, the time between the last regular season game and the bowl games is stress-inducing. It has become a trend over the past couple years for players to either transfer or declare for the draft in this period, and the Mountaineers have already had 4 players announce their intent to transfer since the Kansas game. None of these players were outright starters, but Banks and Esdale played valuable roles on the offense and will be missed. We still have a bunch of noteworthy athletes at WVU, and now is a good time to highlight those Mountaineers who are still competing for WVU. This is the list of Magnificent Mountaineers for the week ending December 5th. Zach Frazier, Sophomore Center (Football) – I know WVU didn’t have a football game last week, but Zach Frazier had a good week, being named to the All-Big 12 2nd Team All-Conference team as a true Sophomore. Frazier is the best offensive lineman on the team, and over the past two games, he was a huge reason why the running game had so much success. He is a road grader as a run blocker, creating huge lanes to run regularly. It makes it even more rewarding that he is a local product from Fairmont, WV. The center is arguably the most important part of a good offensive line. They are responsible for identifying defenses, calling protections, and calling audibles for other lineman based on the look the defense shows. Having such an elite center already on our team for at least another year is huge, and as long as Frazier is snapping the ball, WVU should have success running the football. Ceili McCabe, Junior (Cross Country) – I don’t like re-using people on this list, but it’s hard to pass up an athlete that wins Women’s National Athlete of the Week by the US Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. And her performance on December 4th was well deserving. McCabe set a WVU record of 8:52.52 in the 3,000 meter run, which she finished first in. Not only was her time a WVU record, but her time also puts her as the 8th fastest runner in collegiate history. WVU has a very impressive, world-class athlete in McCabe, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her enshrined in the WVU Sports Hall of Fame one day. The Men’s Soccer team – The Men’s Soccer Team did something no other team has done in the past 40 years: make it to the NCAA Quarterfinals. While they ended up losing to the number 3 seeded Georgetown, they took it down to the wire, losing 4-1 on penalties after 2 scoreless overtime periods. It was an impressive year for the team, finishing 12-4-5 and taking a team that has only lost twice on the season to the brink. The Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams have both been trending upwards the past couple years, and it’s great to see sports other than the big two (football and basketball) build formidable programs. Make sure to check out Brandon on The Voice of Motown Podcast.  Subscribe and listen below: https://open.spotify.com/show/57Dfw10urlEo8GBstpKrYy?si=99bca278aece47eb

Neal Brown is Betting On Himself and His Team in 2023

Neal Brown and the Mountaineers are gearing up to prove the doubters wrong this fall.   Morgantown, WV - Heading into the 2023 season, the West Virginia Mountaineers are expected to be one of the worst teams in the Big 12 Conference. At the league’s media days in mid-July, reporters covering the conference selected WVU to finish dead last in the standings. This did not set well with Head Coach Neal Brown nor his football team. Brown wasn’t shy to voice his displeasure with the preseason poll during his eight minutes speaking with media members on July 13th. https://youtu.be/nf7PrGkhGEI Here is what Brown had to say about the preseason poll: “I’m upset about the media poll. Definitely do not agree with that. The good thing is, the media, as far as predicting the Big 12, has not been successful in recent years. That bodes well for us.” ”This is why I disagree…first of all, it begins with belief in our staff and belief in our players. And then how we finish would be the next thing. We beat Oklahoma, beat Oklahoma State on the road, winning two of our last three games. Offensively, this is going to be our best group. And then we have 132 starts returning on the offensive line.” Brown would also share his excitement for the potential of his defense coming off of a horrendous 2022 campaign. “And defensively, we’re going to be one of the most improved units in the Big 12, if not in the country. We have all league-type players at each level, and those guys are here today - Sean Martin at defensive end, Lee Kpogba, who will be one of the leading tacklers in the conference this year at Mike linebacker, and then Aubrey Burks at safety…And we’ve added talent at secondary through the transfer portal.” For a coach that has faced so much turmoil during his tenure in Morgantown, Neal Brown certainly doesn’t sound discouraged about his team. He knows exactly what he has in his locker room, and expects them to make a huge jump in 2023. Any head coach that is boiling on the hot seat wouldn’t necessarily make the claims that he did during media days if he didn’t believe it to be true. Neal Brown is betting on himself and his team heading into what On3 considers the 3rd toughest schedule in the nation - and that should have fans excited. Historically, the Mountaineers always performed their best when their backs are against the wall. Brown and the Mountaineers are prepared to keep that trend going into 2023. (Photo by WVU Athletics) 

West Virginia Defensive Player Announces His Return

Morgantown, West Virginia - Moments ago, West Virginia redshirt senior defensive lineman Jeffery Pooler, Jr. decided to return for one more season with the Mountaineers! Although Pooler is a senior, the NCAA allowed for another year of eligibility following the 2020 season.  This past season, Pooler had 14 total tackles - 8 solo and 6 assisted - 2.5 tackles for loss and 1 sack. In his message posted on social media, Pooler said the following: "2020 has been a crazy year to say the least, starting out with COVID and other adversity that my team and I faced this season.  I feel there is still some unfinished business and that's not how I want to close out my collegiate career. With that being said, I have decided to take advantage of my extra year of eligibility and return for the 2021 season.  Time to get back to work!" https://twitter.com/JefferyPooler9/status/1351344031889051649?s=20      

Come Home, Doug Nester!

Morgantown, West Virginia - Doug Nester, a former four star offensive guard from Spring Valley High School in Huntington, West Virginia, was a starter at left guard in every game this season for the Virginia Tech Hokies. A three-time all-state selection, Nester chose Virginia Tech over offers from virtually every big-name program in the country.  After two productive years with the Hokies, Nester has decided to enter the transfer portal. Nester, who was a PFF College All-Freshman Honorable Mention in 2019, was teammates with West Virginia commit Wyatt Milum at Spring Valley and they remain close friends.  Now that Milum is coming to Morgantown, there is a lot of speculation that his former teammate will now join him in Morgantown to play for his home-state Mountaineers. This, of course, would be a huge addition to West Virginia's already-outstanding, young offensive line featuring Milum and fellow in-state player Zach Frazier. Come Home, Doug!

Texas Tech Starting Quarterback OUT for WVU Game

Morgantown, West Virginia -The West Virginia Mountaineers will attempt to bounce back this Saturday at home against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Moments ago, it was announced that Texas Tech’s starting quarterback, Tyler Shough, will miss the game. Shough, a Junior transfer from Oregon, was injured this past weekend in Texas Tech’s loss at Texas. Shough has a broken collarbone and will be out “until at least November.” Shough started all four games for Texas Tech this season and completed 67.9% of his passes for 804 yards, six touchdowns and two interceptions through his first three games before being injured. https://twitter.com/skhanjr/status/1442296710575833090?s=21

West Virginia Oklahoma Game in Jeopardy

Morgantown, West Virginia - The West Virginia Mountaineers are scheduled to play their season finale at home this Saturday (12/12) against the #11 ranked Oklahoma Sooners. However, according to data released today from the University of Oklahoma, that game might not happen due to a spread of COVID-19 at the school. The data from November 29 - December 4 revealed that the University of Oklahoma had 16 positive tests and 24 active cases among student-athletes.  Although nothing is set in stone, these kinds of numbers have led to cancellations throughout college athletics this season. https://twitter.com/ou_athletics/status/1336128365485387777?s=21

Josh Chandler-Semedo Finds New Home

Morgantown, West Virginia - Former West Virginia Mountaineers linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo has found a new home. Chamdler-Semedo,  who entered the transfer portal following the 2021-2022 season, has chosen to finish his college football career with the Colorado Buffaloes. Chandler-Semedo, a Canton, Ohio native, played four seasons with the Mountaineers, and became a leader on WVU’s defense in his last two years. He led the Mountaineers with 110 tackles last season. https://twitter.com/jc_2018/status/1520484104122294274?s=21&t=SuUjp26SC5fHjc6PrwSc8g

I Challenge Winston Wright to a Race Up Law School Hill

Morgantown, West Virginia - At 42 years old, I'm attempting to get into the best physical condition of my life.  I've prioritized my health and want to continue to push my limits. The West Virginia football program has used Law School Hill for decades to train its student-athletes for the cardiovascular rigors of the football season.  The Hill, located just outside of Milan Puskar Stadium, is one of the steepest, most intimidating slopes in Morgantown and is an absolutely perfect way to train players. Winston Wright is the undisputed fastest player on the West Virginia University football team.  Wright, a junior wide receiver for the Mountaineers, won the Georgia Class 2A title in the 100 and 200 meters, setting a GISA state record of 22.22 seconds in the 200. While challenging an offensive lineman or one of the slower players on the team might be a more realistic venture, I want to beat the best and the fastest.  Winston "Showtime Jet" Wright is just that. I genuinely believe in myself and have set this moonshot goal as my motivation to continue to get better.  I want to make bold goals and do whatever I can to reach them.  I fully understand that beating Winston Wright up Law School Hill is a bold goal and it will be met with ridicule, but that only motivates and empowers me more. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.  I plan to beat Winston Wright up that hill.  Running up hills is less about God-given talent and more about heart, and I fully expect to out-heart him. If Wright accepts my challenge, I will tack five $100 bills on the tree at the top of Law School Hill.  The winner takes the $500. The race is scheduled for October 16th, during West Virginia's bye week, so that Wright will be fresh and ready.  I not only want to beat the best, I want to beat the best at his best. https://twitter.com/wvufootball/status/1421153618367971336?s=21