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Bob Huggins is Now Dr. Huggins

(Photo by WVU Athletics) MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — WVU Head Coach Bob Huggins has accomplished a lot over the course of his life. 934 wins, 26 NCAA Tournament appearances, 2 Final Four appearances, inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame… Well, Huggins can now add one more achievement to his long list of life successes. Bob Huggins is now a Doctor of Public Services. https://twitter.com/WDTVSports/status/1655028303336554497?s=20 WDTV 5 Sports shared the story yesterday that Huggins has received an honorary PhD. from Alderson Broaddus University. Huggins spoke highly of the university that is the alma mater of his father, as well as many other people in his life. So when the Mountaineers take the court next season, they will be doing so with Dr. Huggy Bear at the helm! Congratulations, Coach!

UPDATE: WVU’s Liberty Bowl Opponent Announced

Moments ago, WVU’s opponent for the Liberty Bowl was announced, and they will be going against the Tennessee Volunteers out of the SEC.   https://twitter.com/brett_mcmurphy/status/1340774910797463554?s=21   Tennessee finished the regular season at 3-7, losing their finale to Texas A&M, 34-13.

Texas Tech Has Quietly Become the New Iowa State

Nobody in the Big 12 is nearly as bad as Kansas - not even close. However, this does not mean that there will not be other bad teams in the league. For the longest time, Iowa State was that team that would finish just above last place in the conference. Their one for certain conference win was against Kansas, but they would always find a way to pull out one or two more wins along the way. Now the Cyclones are historically good under Head Coach Matt Campbell, meaning that there must be a new team to take their cellar-dweller spot. This team is the Texas Tech Red Raiders.   Coming into 2020 the expectations were low for the Red Raiders. Many outlets picked them to finish 9th out of 10th in the conference, just above Kansas - and it appears they are well on their way to finishing in that position. They are currently 1-3, and in the midst of a three-game losing streak. They are also winless in Big 12 play, and have lost seven-straight conference games dating back to 2019. The program has a consistent revolving door at quarterback, and their defense is annually one of the worst in the conference. While the average fan may think new head coach Matt Wells has been the reason for the struggles, the Red Raiders have actually been bad for the better half of the last decade.   The program has had four-straight losing seasons dating back to 2016. In only one of those seasons were they able to make a bowl game, but they would lose to the South Florida Bulls, 38-34, in the Birmingham Bowl. They even wasted the talent of the great Patrick Mahomes II who is well on his way to becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. The Red Raiders program just has not been the same since the departure of Mike Leach all the way back in 2009. For this, they are earning their spot as one of the most overlooked programs in the conference.   Comparing Texas Tech to the old Iowa State, there are a lot of similarities. Both programs occasionally break through and make a bowl game. They also have a lot of talent on the field, but never produce with it. If you were to look up the word "mediocre" in a dictionary, the logo of either one of these teams could be used as the definition. So what is it going to take for Texas Tech to finally break the routine and become relevant again in the Big 12?   The answer is not a simple one, but it begins with finding the right head coach to lead your program. Iowa State struck gold when Matt Campbell left Toledo to take over their program. Hell, here we are five seasons later and he has won against the Oklahoma Sooners twice. Campbell is a terrific coach, and has officially turned the tides at Iowa State and set them up for future success. Texas Tech's Matt Wells just isn't this guy.   Even at Utah State his record was mediocre, and he is bringing the same "meh" play with him to Lubbock. He currently sits with a 5-11 record, and it doesn't appear that it will be getting any better soon. It is a harsh prediction, but sometime in the next year or so Wells will likely be unemployed, and this will be viewed as one of the worst hires in program history. It is then that this athletic department must buckle down and bring the right guy in to lead the Red Raiders. If not, we could see yet another mediocre five to ten year run for this program.   When West Virginia travels to Lubbock this weekend, they will be getting the absolute best from the Red Raiders because everyone within the program knows this. They know that the trajectory of the program likely lies within the four quarters they will have against the Mountaineers. Win, and they may be able to get this thing turned around. Lose, and well, same old, same old.   Texas Tech being good is good for the Big 12, and even as rival fans within the conference, we should be rooting for this team to finally get things turned around. An old Iowa State doesn't look good on anyone's resume, and neither does a current Texas Tech.   However, let's just hope they get things straightened out after the Old Gold and Blue leave Jones AT&T Stadium with a win this Saturday.

True Freshman Linebacker Suffers Significant Injury

Following a disastrous 2022 season for the WVU defense, the unit couldn’t withstand many more blows if they wanted to turn it around in 2023. With that being said, it appears that it has gotten worse for Jordan Lesley’s group. According to Head Coach Neal Brown, true freshman linebacker Josiah Trotter has suffered a “lower leg” injury, and will likely miss the entirety of the 2023 season. Trotter, a Pennsylvania product, was rated as a three-star prospect by 247Sports. He garnered interest from several prominent schools including Penn State, Clemson, and Notre Dame. Despite being inexperienced, he was expected to step in and contribute to the Mountaineers right away. Stay tuned to The Voice of Motown for updates on the situation.

Former WVU Cornerback Wants Tony Gibson

(Photo by WVU Athletics)  Mountaineers all across Twitter are stating their pick for WVU’s next head coach. Along with fans, former players are no stranger to this. As for former WVU cornerback Terrell Chestnut, he is one of the former players who has spoken. https://twitter.com/tchestnut/status/1583972774174810112?s=46&t=mqSwax3WLiqWqwuFONiTwQ Chestnut, who played under Tony Gibson during his time in Morgantown, wants the Mountaineers to reach out to Gibson as their next head coach. While Gibson has no head coaching experience, he is a West Virginian, and he understands what the program means to this state. Though it wouldn’t necessarily be mine or anyone else’s first choice, Gibson would be a good fit for the Mountaineers coaching wise. And to top it all - players absolutely love him. It also helps his case that he can recruit with the best of them.

Darius Stills Invited to the NFL Combine

(Photo by Ben Queen - USA Today)    After being snubbed on an invite to the Reese’s Senior Bowl, WVU defensive lineman Darius Stills has officially announced that he has been invited to the 2021 NFL Combine. https://twitter.com/dariusstills56/status/1357375638890549249?s=21 The Fairmont native took to Twitter only minutes ago to share the great news. Stills, who became a household name for the Mountaineers, finished his senior season with 22 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and 1 interception.    

OPINION: J.T. Daniels is the Best Leader WVU Has Had in Years

(Photo by WVU Athletics)  There are several qualities you look for when recruiting a signal-caller. Of course accuracy, precision, work ethic, and a good pocket presence are at the top of everyone’s list. Those are the obvious ones anyone with a functional brain, eyes, and football knowledge can see. However, the one, and honestly mostly important quality a good quarterback must need is leadership. If the most important player on the team isn’t someone the rest of the team can count on, then things will spiral out of control quickly. Luckily for the Mountaineers, they hit the jackpot when J.T. Daniels announced his intentions to transfer to WVU in April. Everything about Daniels’ demeanor says LEADER. The way he carries himself on the field, the way he so openly celebrates and comforts his teammates, and how he simply oozes passion during postgame press conferences. If you’re asking me, Daniels is the best leader WVU has had at signal-caller in several years. You won’t find many players in the nation who will publicly use profanity to show just how proud they are of their team, but Daniels is one of them. “I’m really f****g proud of this team.” -Daniels after loss to Pitt   “I told him I was proud. I don’t know how many targets he had during the game, I don’t think it was too many. But he really didn’t give a sh*t. He was ready to go as soon as his number was called.”  -Daniels on Reese Smith after Pitt loss “There was too much dumb sh*t from us.” -Daniels on loss to Kansas   To many, this is deemed unprofessional or a bad look. To me, this shows passion, it shows he cares. Not only is he speaking highly of his teammates, but he isn’t sugarcoating his real feelings. Whatever is on his mind, he is saying. That’s a leader to me. That shows that Daniels isn’t afraid to tell people exactly what he is thinking. He’s honest, he cares, and he loves his team. Probably my favorite quality about Daniels is that he never appears to be flustered. No matter how much pressure is in his face or even how south things seem to be going, Daniels is always there tightening his chin strap - ready for the next play. That, my friends, is leading by example. Not every ball will bounce your way…sometimes things just stink. However, it’s how you get up and keep going that shows the kind of player or person you are. Daniels just keeps getting up and flinging that ball around again, again, and again. That’s a pretty damn good quality to have in any aspect of life. We have ourselves a very special player and person in J.T. Daniels, Mountaineer Nation. Yes, it is unlikely he will finish his career at the top of any record lists for West Virginia. Players before him with more time in the uniform than he will stand in his way. However, the California native will certainly leave his mark in the hearts of Mountaineer fans, directly where it hits them the deepest. He embodies everything it means to be a West Virginian with work ethic and an unwillingness to let the moment be too big or too small for him. He cares about those around him, loves what he does, and conquers adversity. That’s a Mountaineer if you ask me. LET’S GO…      

Popular Social Media Page Pegs Neal Brown as “Unlikable”

(Photo by WVU Athletics)    Though Neal Brown has been under heat for his coaching performance, many fans would agree that he is one of the friendliest coaches in the game today. However, despite many seeing Brown in this light, there are some who do not. Big Game Boomer, a popular Twitter page, revealed their 25 most “likable” and “unlikable” coaches. Neal Brown, who is 20-23 at WVU, was listed 11th on the “unlikable” list. https://twitter.com/biggameboomer/status/1588601227168092162?s=46&t=y9O2olZz1OGSqHL80KoNEA   The page gave no reason as to why they feel like this, but we guess that it isn’t Brown’s personality that makes them feel this way. It is more likely that they placed him on this list because those who run the page are Oklahoma fans. Other than that, we can’t see a reason that he would be on this list. No matter how you feel about Neal Brown, you can’t say that the man doesn’t do his best to be kind to everyone. Not sure what you are really aiming to prove here, Big Game Boomer.

Garrett Greene is Trust the Climb

(Photo by WVU Athletics)    After waiting three seasons, Garrett Greene finally got his chance today against Oklahoma. Coming off the bench, the Tallahassee native led the Mountaineers to their first victory over Oklahoma since 2008, 23-20. Greene, who finished the game with 138 passing yards and 118 rushing yards, had every opportunity to leave the program since 2020. Neal Brown remained critical of Greene, deciding to stick with Jarret Doege over him - much to the dismay of fans. But instead of being selfish and seeking playing time elsewhere, he decided to stick with it and remain a Mountaineer. With J.T. Daniels starting to regress, and players like Will Crowder and Nicco Marchiol simply not ready to go yet, Greene finally got his chance today. He waited his turn, and his time finally came. This, my friends, is exactly what the slogan “Trust the Climb” means. It’s not always easy, and it’s not always straight up and down. However, the top of the mountain will be worth the fight. Garrett Greene is Trust the Climb. He will now likely have the opportunity to prove himself in WVU’s final two games. His time is here, and honestly, I expect him to shine. A star may have been born today in Morgantown, West Virginia.

WVU Women’s Basketball Sees Winning-Streak Snapped

(Photo by WVU Athletics)   All good things must come to an end, right?   The WVU Women’s Basketball team saw their 11-game winning streak come to an end against Oklahoma tonight, 72-71. The Lady Mountaineers, who dropped to 16-3 on the season, failed to make the late comeback in the final seconds. After going into the fourth quarter with a lead, Oklahoma outscored West Virginia 15-5 in the final quarter to come out on top with the win. West Virginia travels to Baylor on Wednesday for their next matchup. The game tips-off at 8 p.m. and will broadcast on  ESPN+.

2024 Quarterback Commits to WVU

Neal Brown and the Mountaineers have added a quarterback to the 2024 class.   Morgantown, WV - Moments ago, the Mountaineers added to their 2024 class with the commitment of Maryland prospect Khalil Wilkins. https://twitter.com/kwilkins4_/status/1673013435955544064?s=46&t=cXIQ4JQG-pp-P6qrRwLwjw Wilkins is a 247Sports three-star quarterback prospect, and has garnered attention from five different FBS schools. Along with WVU, Boston College, Marshall, Maryland, and Pitt also offered him. He is listed as the 57th best quarterback in the nation, and the 24th best player in the state of Maryland by 247Sports. (Photo via WVU Recruiting) 

BREAKING: No Fans Will Be Allowed at the EKU Game

WVU Athletic Director Shane Lyons sent out an email to season ticket holders today. In this email, Lyons would announce that Milan Puskar Stadium “would not be able to host spectators” at the Eastern Kentucky game. Lyons would State that he was very “disappointed” but that he “still believes in the passion and energy” of Mountaineer Nation. https://twitter.com/wvufootball/status/1296452254380314624?s=21 The school will “work diligently” to be able to have fans on October 3rd when the Baylor Bears visit Mountaineer Field. Stay tuned to The Voice of Motown for updates.

Jarret Doege Ranked the Big 12’s Second Best Quarterback

Today, Pro Football Focus ranked all ten starting quarterbacks in the Big 12 Conference based on the site's play-by-play grades. To no surprise, Oklahoma's Spencer Rattler found himself at the top of the list. However, it may shock you who they have graded out as the second best quarterback in the league.   Jarret Doege, the Mountaineers' signal-caller, found himself right behind Rattler for the Big 12's best quarterback. According to the site, Doege has had two performances this year with a "90.0-plus" grade, and is also the tenth best quarterback in the nation "when in rhythm. https://twitter.com/PFF_College/status/1321445434641027072?s=20   Doege is coming off of his best yardage performance of the season in the loss to Texas Tech. He finished the game going 32-for-50 with 347 yards and one touchdown to no interceptions, per ESPN.   Here are PFF's rankings of the Big 12 quarterbacks: Spencer Rattler, Oklahoma Jarret Doege, West Virginia Max Duggan, TCU Sam Ehlinger, Texas Henry Colombi, Texas Tech Spencer Sanders, Oklahoma State Will Howard, Kansas State Brock Purdy, Iowa State Charlie Brewer, Baylor Jaylon Daniels, Kansas

Josiah Harris Enters Transfer Portal

Morgantown, WV - Earlier this evening, WVU Forward Josiah Harris officially entered his name into the NCAA Transfer Portal. https://twitter.com/voicemorgantown/status/1777427286091800887?s=46&t=cXIQ4JQG-pp-P6qrRwLwjw Harris, who just completed his sophomore season in Morgantown, averaged 5.0 points and 4.1 rebounds per game. Here is what Harris had to say to Mountaineer Nation: “Dear Mountaineer Family, I am referring to you as family because that is what you are. When I left my family in Ohio two years ago it was difficult, but knew that the departure would not be forever and that it was necessary in order to grow from a boy to a man. That is what West Virginia has done for me. I walked through the doors as a boy, and I am both saddened and proud to say that i must leave you a man, but a man who is truly blessed. Blessed to not only have a Bachelor's degree, but in May, a Master's degree that will be permanently engraved with the West Virginia University insignia.“ The Ohio native wished Coach Darian DeVries and the Mountaineer Basketball program success moving forward. Stay tuned to The Voice of Motown for updates on the transfer portal moving forward. (Photo by WVU Athletics) 

Keith Washington is Impressing in Saints Training Camp

Keith Washington made a name for himself as a ballhawk during his career in Morgantown. It seemed as if he was always making a play on the ball, and it is appearing that is translating to the NFL. https://twitter.com/jeffduncan_/status/1298663379544965121?s=21 According to Jeff Duncan, a columnist for The Athletic New Orleans, Washington has been making consistent plays on the ball in training camp. For the last three practices, he has had at least one interception. Yesterday, Washington made a huge splash nabbing two picks in one practice session. Washington signed with the Saints as an undrafted free agent in May. If he continues this kind of play in practice, we could see the former Mountaineer playing on Sundays this fall.