Charles Barkley Calls West Virginia Fans Unbelievable

Morgantown, West Virginia – Hall of Fame basketball player Charles Barkley is in Morgantown for the Bob Huggins’ Annual Fish Fry, which he attended last night. Today, Barkley is in the WVU Coliseum for the West Virginia versus Auburn basketball game. Barkley, of course, attended Auburn University prior to his NBA career and has remained a supporter of the program.

“I think we have our hands full today! These West Virginia fans are unbelievable. Not just today but throughout history. This place is an unbelievable environment. This place is always hard to play in both football and basketball. Morgantown is a hostile environment and it’s going to be tough to get a win here.”

Barkley also had the following to say about senior guard Erik Stevenson: “This boy here is a natural. He is a clear and present danger. I like his swag, too.”

West Virginia (12-8) needs a victory today against the #15 ranked Auburn Tigers to continue to improve their resume for the NCAA Tournament in March.